Kirkcaldy Leisure Centre

Due to the nature of this project, it required cut edge corrosion treatment and wall cladding coating to restore the facade and protect it long term.

Our UK-wide team travelled to Scotland for one of our latest jobs for our client, Kirkcaldy Leisure Centre. Here, we prepared and installed a 10-year system to all the white and black cladding on the front and side elevations, all while managing traffic and safe access on a live site.

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Keeping the public safe on an operational site

Safety is always vital. Yet for this site, it was imperative we undertook a thorough risk assessment as the leisure centre continued to operate as normal while our team were working on site. This meant plenty of members of the public would be around during the refurbishment. Mindful of this, we took additional safety measures, including cordoning off each area we were working on at a time with barriers to prevent anyone – especially any children – from inadvertently entering the work area.

The leisure centre’s unique design meant it was vital our team carefully considered how to access the different elevations across the statement façade. For safety and efficiency, we hired a scissor lift and a cherry picker, which were delivered directly to the site. This meant that not only could our team move securely around the building to access every area, we could also do so smoothly with minimal disruption to our client’s day-to-day operations.

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Corrosion repair for a highly exposed façade

Repairing and refurbishing the wall cladding was the primary objective of this project. The façade was cracking and fading, which not only provided a poor first impression but also a safety concern for the family-focussed centre. Our first step was cladding cleaning. We used a pressure washer to remove the loose, flaking paint – taking care around cameras, sensors, fencing and tarmac – before mechanically abrading any rust.
This gave a smooth finish to the edge of the cladding sheeting as well as prevented any corrosion returning. The corrosion, which was evident on the building’s edges, was not only unsightly but also risked the property being damaged when exposed to the elements. Kirkcaldy is a coastal town, so its buildings face challenges from the sea air and weather due to the high salt levels in the atmosphere. This highly salinity atmosphere meant robust protection for the leisure centre was even more important.

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Installing an anti-corrosion 10-year paint system

Once the building was carefully prepared by our team, we were ready to install our 10-year Tikkurila system. This is one of our paints of choice in locations, like Kirkcaldy, where the weather conditions can be challenging. Ideal for steel, zinc and aluminium surfaces, Tikkurila’s leading anti-corrosion pigmentation gives it high resistance to abrasion and weathering – perfect for high salinity locations.

It’s also backed by our minimum 10-year guarantee that’s given Kirkcaldy Leisure Centre piece of mind that they’re protected for at least a decade against further refurbishment concerns.
We installed the 10-year system according to our client’s specifications: spot priming in white and black where highlighted, and then two additional coats applied to the full panels. Though Tikkurila can be used as a single-coat paint, our client requested three coatings for extra colour vibrancy and additional property protection.

Cladding Coatings
Cladding Coatings

The finished façade is one our team, and our client, can be proud of. If you have a property in a high-risk location where public perception and safely are both vital, you’ll be in safe hands with our experienced team here at Cladding Coatings.

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