Lakes Build, Workington

This tired and faded industrial unit has been completely transformed into a bright and vibrant property thanks to expert on-site paint spraying from our highly experienced team.

Careful colour consideration and a thorough knowledge of paint systems led to a smart, professional façade finish for our discerning client in Cumbria.

A finish that meets clients’ expectations is vital for any company. That’s especially true if you work in the construction industry designing and developing new build homes as well as individual multi-million pound builds, just like our latest client: Lakes Build.

Lakes Build know their reputation for selling beautiful homes at high budgets rests on their own building matching up their high standards and their clients’ perceptions. So when cladding repainting was needed and a smart colour finish requiring an update, they called in Cladding Coatings.

A colour finish for contemporary design

Naturally, as a construction company with pride in design, Lakes Build wanted to ensure the colour of their Workington unit matched their reputation for creating aesthetically pleasing properties. Therefore, getting the cladding coating colour correct was paramount.

We installed our 10-year Noxyde system in RAL 5013, which was the client’s exact choice for their façade finish. By using our tried, tested and trusted Noxyde system, we could give the client the assurance of a well-used paint, which has been proven to perform with exceptional anti-corrosion properties, yet provides the option of colour choices to meet their aesthetic as well as performance needs. We also prepared and painted the brickwork in grey for a consistent façade finish.

Careful colour consideration is a significant factor for those looking to repair and refurbish external walls and roofs with a cladding recoating project. Take a look at some examples of previous colour choices our clients have made, and find out why the right colour is so important for property perception. You can also ask our expert Cladding Coatings team about colour-matching, exploring how the service we offer will make sure your façade finish matches the colour of your existing brand or new refurbishment choices perfectly.

Cladding Coatings
Cladding Coatings

Taking care of every single detail

As well as colour choices for cladding coating, other elements of the external walls at Lakes Build needed to be carefully considered in order for a successful commercial painting project to take place. As well as preparing the brickwork prior to painting with a careful and efficient cladding cleaning job, we also prepared and painted ten new UPVC windows.

Windows are sometimes forgotten parts of an external building refurbishment project. Yet they’re essential to consider, not only for aesthetics but for fully property protection too. Of course, window repainting makes sure there are no areas of the façade finish left behind, creating a full, professional picture of refurbishment. Yet preparing and painting window frames also makes sure they are not left to fall into disrepair when you’d find yourself needing to carry out disruptive and costly window frame replacement.

Our Cladding Coatings team also arranged mewps access at the site. Keeping health and safety as our priority, we made sure the mewps provided safe and efficient access that protected both our team and our clients on site. And, of course, arranging this access meant one less thing for our busy client to have to consider.

Paint system knowledge for total building protection

The Lakes Build unit in question is situated in Workington, Cumbria. Workington is a town in far Northwest England, which is not only coastal but sits at the mouth of the River Derwent. Therefore, it is in a location typically exposed to colder climates, so the cladding needed careful attention from a company like Cladding Coatings with a strong knowledge of corrosion classifications and the best paint systems to protect the façade.

Understanding the location meant the property was more prone cut edge corrosion due to the high salinity of the environment (find out what that means, and why it matters, here), our team were able to specify and install the exact type and strength of paint system Lakes Build’s façade needed. With that expert knowledge and experienced paint application, the project management and surveying teams could rest assured that the building would be as fully protected as possible for years to come.

Of course, this work – like everything we do here at Cladding Coatings – was backed by our exceptional guarantee: an absolute minimum of ten years, sometimes longer, on every single piece of work we do. It’s all about giving you, our customers, complete confidence and peace of mind.

When reputation really matters, it truly pays to have the experts on side. With Cladding Coatings, you’re assured of multiple years of industry expertise, the finest paint systems expertly installed, and complete attention to detail.

To book your free site survey, or to discuss your property project needs with a member of our knowledgeable team, get in touch today.

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