Littlehampton Academy Sports Hall

Repair, Refurbishment and re-coating of roof and guttering, also treatment to roof lights and cut edge corrosion.

The Littlehampton Academy Sports Hall Building comprises a double height sports hall, with a small section internally partitioned to provide a first floor gym area.

A site inspection was carried out in July 2013 to check the condition of the roof. Particular attention was paid to a number of elements including; gutters, the 12 roof lights, roof sheets, fixings and the ridge detail.

Internally, damp staining was observed, possibly caused by a leaking downpipe nearby.

The gutters were a major concern as a number of the joints appeared to be leaking and in a number of locations the rivet fixings had rusted and given way at the joints between the L shaped fixing brackets.

This meant that the guttering was no longer fixed back to the building and the outer edge was able to move freely. The gutters were also holding water and had debris and moss with vegetation growing out of some areas.

There was visible deterioration and rust to the gable end and ridge details and the foam filler was loose and in some areas broken up and had come away.

On the metal roof sheets there was de-lamination and corrosion.

The roof lights had become weathered and had gone cloudy due to sun damage and age.

In 2014 Cladding Coatings commenced work on the Sports Hall and carried out repair and re-coating to the roof areas noted in the earlier inspection report.

Gutters were cleaned and joints and sheets were treated for corrosion, roof lights were also cleaned and treated to extend their life further.

A full clean and repair of all the roof area has now resulted in a clean, fit for purpose roof free from leaks and is now preventing further deterioration.

Cladding Coatings used Tor Coatings Raincoat system to complete the work on this roof project alongside their Elastaseal treatment for cut edge corrosion.

Read more about out cut edge corrosion repair here

Services Involved 

Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment

On-site Spraying

Wall Coating

Roof Coating

Gutter Cleaning & Coating

Rooflight Refurbishment

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