Mason Brothers, Boston

This storage and logistics facility was showing signs of deterioration. the walls have now been treated and recoated and are guaranteed to last.

Mason Brothers based in Swineshead, Boston, Lincolnshire is a family run business that has been providing a variety of transportation and storage solutions for over 60 years.

Warehouses and storage buildings are essential for businesses across many industries. Unfortunately, over time these structures can experience deterioration of their wall cladding, which can cause a range of issues.

One of their metal clad buildings was showing signs of deterioration, with some flaking paint apparent on the trims and a significant amount of cut edge corrosion visible.

Whilst the metal wall cladding sheets were in good condition, the paint was faded and dull. A decision was made to treat the corrosion and re-coat the walls to protect them long term whist updating and refreshing the overall look of the exterior.

Deterioration of Wall Cladding

When exposed to moisture and sunlight, the wall cladding coating can break down and cause corrosion or peeling, fading, cracking, chalking, or other signs of deterioration. If the paint or coating is not properly maintained, these signs may become more noticeable, leading to an overall decrease in the life expectancy of the wall cladding. Regular maintenance, such as repainting or recoating, can help extend the life of the wall cladding. This is why Mason Brothers called us in before the corrosion and flaking worsened.

Cladding Coatings


Our teams began by cleaning thoroughly which removes the flaking paint and loose debris, preparing the surface ready to accept the base layer. We ensure to mask properly and cover any areas to protect them from the paint used.

We use dry fall paints which means droplets fall in such a way that when they land (within ten feet or less) they are solid. The droplets are dry, and simply swept away. We still ensure that we protect and cover areas and operate our spraying equipment carefully to reduce any overspray.

Cut Edge Corrosion Repair

As experts with cut edge corrosion, we can quicky assess the severity of the corrosion and can select the best system to repair and treat the problem. Our teams got to work grinding the rusted areas and applying a treatment to the affected areas. Once treated professionally, the corrosion will be prevents from spreading any further and causing further damage to the metal sheets.

Quality Wall Coating

Once prepared we were able to use Rustoleum Noxyde and Topcoat to paint the building exterior in a Juniper Green colour.

Rust-Oleum Noxyde is a water-based, single-component, elastomeric coating with unrivalled rust-proofing, corrosion and waterproofing properties on metal, wall cladding and roofing.

Rust-Oleum Metal Cladding Topcoat is designed for use on metal cladding, the topcoat is perfect for protecting the building’s facade from corrosion, rust, and weathering: improving exterior life expectancy.

Cladding Coatings
Cladding Coatings

Guaranteed to Last

Once the cut edge corrosion had been treated and the walls had been recoated we were able to provide a 10 year guarantee. We only use the best quality paint systems that adhere to the same high standards that we provide with application. The extensively used and proven systems we install are supported by our 10-year guarantee to make sure that, throughout the supply chain, there is an ongoing commitment to deliver quality products, services and finishes that are safe, secure and, of course, durable.

Guarantees are provided to give you the utmost peace of mind. You can trust that we’ll deliver the work as promised to high-standards and that it’ll last the test of time, leaving you to get on with your day-to-day business operations with no concerns about your property.

Cladding Coatings

Refurbishment Delivered

The warehouse and storage building were left looking like new and the customer was really pleased with how it looked. The business can continue to offer its services from its great looking and well maintained facilities for many more years to come.

To find out more about our services for storage and logistics facilities, take a look at our case studies here.

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