McDonald’s Restaurant, Chester

The roof was beginning to fade and look unsightly. Roof refurbishment services were carried out to match their new branding.

Cladding Coatings has recently completed a project with Briggs Amasco, refurbishing a McDonald’s restaurant in Chester. Although we work closely with Briggs Amasco, this was Cladding Coatings first refurbishment project for the fast food chain McDonald’s. McDonald’s is a house hold name, with thousands of visitors attending their restaurants daily, so it is vital that their premises look great to attract the passing trade.

Cladding Coatings were called into the busy Chester site, where the outdated red tiles had faded due to aging and weathering. The roof had been neglected, so discolouration had occurred leaving the building looking unsightly, but also outdated with many of the newer stores now having a black tiled roof instead. After an enquiry was sent, we arrived on site to assess the project and identify the areas of work that needed to be done. When we arrived, it was clear that this was an extremely busy location, and extra care needed to be taken to ensure that all members of the public and the workers both in McDonald’s, onsite and the surrounding traders were safe and free from harm at all times. After our thorough site visit, we were able to put together the maintenance package, with our expert suggestions on which services were required and their costings. After this was promptly agreed by the client a start and end date was set and work could commence.

The sloping tiles on the roof had faded from the once vibrant red, to a much duller shade. With the McDonald’s branding in mind, we opted for a black finish using our tried and tested Noxyde – Rust-Oleum system. Not only does this system provide durability on aging and weathering but it also has excellent rubber friction and strength qualities.

The first step was to carry out pressure cladding cleaning on all tiles to remove any scaling, dirt and excess, prior to the roof coating. As a precaution, to ensure no paint spread from the roof, we masked all doors, signs and windows to protect them from the coating. The next step was to repair and fill any holes and cracks in the roof, these occur naturally over time but must be rectified before the coating is applied in order to achieve the best result.  Then the on-site spraying could begin, our team of experts coated the roof using the chosen system, completely covering the surface with the new protective paint.

The deadline was looming, and we had worked hard to complete the job a day early, which would save on issues with other refurbishment work being carried out on the building, as Tar-Mac was due to be laid the same day as our completion date. Despite completing the work early, that same day the weather turned and unfortunately meant the paint work was affected due to extreme rain. Fortunately, the damage was only minimal, and the roof only needed a few finishing touches, which we were able to do with no issues at all.

We completed the job on time, meeting all the requirements of the client, who was left extremely happy with the finished result. The site manager was very impressed with our work. The roof now has a fresh new look to attract even more custom, and will also be protected with our ten-year guarantee.

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