Milk Lab, Middleton, Manchester

The condition of the existing cladding was reasonable, but Milk Lab saw how we could improve their building’s appearance.

We recently carried out an on-site spraying refurbishment project at the Milk Lab site in Middleton, close to our office near Manchester. Though the condition of the existing cladding was reasonable, Milk Lab saw how we could improve their building’s appearance, and valued the additional protection repainting could provide.

Confident in the skills and experience of our team, they instructed Cladding Coatings to carry out the work.
As is integral to our process, before beginning work we checked the premises thoroughly and, once confident in our approach, we began with cleaning the building using a pressure-washer. This was quite a short process, as the reasonable condition of the unit meant an overall rinse was required as opposed to a high-pressure blast. Nonetheless, this clean is an essential part of our thorough preparation process to ensure the building is prepared ready for painting.
As the windows in the unit had recently been replaced, it was of the upmost importance that these were carefully masked before painting began in order to protect the glass from any over-spray. Take a look at the image to see how thoroughly this protection was applied.

Once the windows were completely protected, we set up our Graco 7900 spray unit and began spraying the first coat using Noxyde: our preferred choice of paint, due to the exceptional protection it provides against corrosion. The following day, we sprayed a top coat over the painted cladding; the mild weather conditions, alongside our skilled application, ensured a superb finish.

Our final task was to paint the gutters and downspouts using Gun Metal Grey Alkythane: for maximum protection, two coats of the paint were applied.
We’re proud to have conducted a thorough repaint of Milk Lab’s building to a high-standard: providing a professional, repainted building exterior that contributes to the increasing potential of the unit.

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