Moss Industrial Estate, Leigh

Several industrial units required refurbishment on this industrial estate. Solar panels also became a later addition onto the newly coated roof areas.

Roof cladding refurbishment and external wall cladding coating were required on units at this large industrial estate in Leigh.

Moss Industrial Estate in Leigh is a large industrial estate home to a wide range of different businesses. Close to major cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and Wigan, the Estate is in an ideal location for businesses operating across the UK. There is the added benefit of being close to Manchester and Liverpool Airport for those operating globally.

Cladding Coatings were contacted by Moss Industrial Estate to take a look at some industrial units which were showing some signs of corrosion and wear.

Roof cladding coating and refurbishment

Moss Industrial Estate first contacted us to look at Block C3 Units 1 & 2, which were showing signs of cut edge corrosion and deterioration on the metal roof cladding sheets.

The metal roof cladding sheets required our expert skills and cut edge corrosion knowledge to ensure the deterioration wouldn’t worsen. Upon assessing the condition of the metal roof cladding, it was determined that one of our trusted cladding coating systems would be suitable for recoating the metal roof cladding. It would also prevent the areas of cut edge corrosion from getting any worse and protect the roof against corrosion in the future.

The system we elected to use was the trusted Rust-Oleum Noxyde®. The Noxyde® paint system is highly durable and suitable for use in various environments. It provides excellent waterproofing capabilities and protects against corrosion for up to 15 years.

Once completed, the recoated metal roof cladding looked smart and would protect the building and its contents. Moss Industrial Estate also benefitted from the knowledge that all of our work is backed by a minimum 10-year guarantee and is finished to a high-quality standard.

Cladding Coatings
Cladding Coatings

Roof cladding and wall cladding refurbishment

Having completed roof cladding refurbishment at Block C3, Moss Industrial Estate contacted us again to look at more units on their estate, which required some attention.

The units in question were Block C5 Units 1 – 4. It was clear that these units would require a little more work, including work to refurbish the cladding on the front elevation. The cladding required respraying, and any holes/dents needed to be repaired. It was also clear that the roof needed refurbishment as there were signs of cut edge corrosion on the metal cladding roof sheets.

The cladding coatings team got to work to repair areas of cladding damage on the front elevation and respray the cladding to give the units a refreshed looking exterior.

These units were to have solar panels installed on the roof at a later date; therefore, the roof needed to be in top quality condition, ready to receive the solar panels.

When the Cladding Coatings team completed an initial survey of the building and the roof, it was evident that the metal roof cladding wasn’t up to standard. Therefore, it wouldn’t be able to have solar panels installed on its roof safely.

This was no problem for our team of highly skilled cladding refurbishment specialists, as we knew we could refurbish the roof to a high-quality standard, ready for solar panels to be installed.

Similar to block C3 Unit 1 & 2, we elected to use the trusted Rust-Oleum Noxyde® to recoat the metal roof cladding to give the roof a safe and secure finish. Areas of corrosion were treated and protected, and the roof was now up to a standard where solar panels could be safely installed.

Professional finish backed by a minimum 10-year guarantee

Cladding Coatings work hard to ensure that our refurbishment projects are completed to the highest quality standards for our customers. We also ensure that minimal disruption is caused to our client and their daily business operations when working on-site. Moss Industrial Estate is a busy working site. Therefore, careful planning was essential to ensure that our on-site team caused minimal disruption and operated safely, adhering to all health and safety guidelines.

Moss Industrial Estate were exceptionally pleased with the 2 refurbishment projects we completed at their site in Leigh. They also had the added peace of mind that all of our services and systems are backed by a minimum 10-year guarantee.

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