MPV Packaging Ltd, Wigan

Several metal wall cladding panels required refurbishing and repainting onsite to ensure this unit was maintained and protected.

This job saw us recoat three prominent panels areas using our external wall cladding coating expertise, backed by guaranteed systems and strong client relationships.

One of our latest projects meant our team stayed close to home, as we worked in Wigan on elevations belonging to our client MPV Packaging Ltd. The task involved wall cladding coating, providing a guaranteed finish with consistently clear client communication – and great results.

Cladding Coatings

Building trust with initial free site surveys

A free onsite survey is where we start every job we do. Not only is that chance for us to get a thorough assessment of the work required so you – and we – know what issues we may be dealing with and can prepare teams and equipment, it also means we can provide the fairest, most accurate quotation.

That’s just what we did for MPV Packaging Ltd, as we discovered there was little more to recoat than the three panels they initially enquired about. This put an immediately strong relationship in place, as our client knew they could rely on our honesty and integrity from day one.

Clearly prepared project plans

As part of that commitment to client trust, we made it clear to MPV Packaging exactly which areas of their unit required external wall cladding coating. We understand not every customer will be familiar with cladding refurbishment terminology, no matter how committed they are to their building’s longevity and safety. Therefore, we provided MPV Packaging Ltd with images we’d taken during our initial site survey.

As these before images show, you can see not only the work required but the areas where we’d be applying wall cladding coating paint systems. We recommended we worked from downspout to downspout, rather than masking a line down the middle of an elevation, and illustrated this to our client with accompanying photos. That way, they could clearly see our suggested ways of working and why it made sense for an efficient and successful project.

Cladding Coatings
Cladding Coatings

Precise wall cladding coating preparation

Before we began this job, just like for any other, preparation was key. That meant we carried out – as always – the first step of our wall coating projects, cladding cleaning: where we pressure wash, degrease and fully prepare all surfaces. This made certain the wall coating paint system we applied to MPV Packaging Ltd.’s wall panels would be smooth, sleek and stay-put.

Thankfully, wall cladding coating is incredibly precise when done accurately by our trained and experienced team, so we always make sure surrounding areas, people and properties are protected. In this case, we took great care to ensure no overspray went onto the panels neighbouring those we were recoating.

Guaranteed paint systems and supporting services

Like every external wall cladding coating project we carry out, MPV Packaging Ltd benefited from the peace of mind that comes with our guaranteed systems. Our wall cladding coating paint systems and work are both accompanied by a minimum ten-year guarantee, so you can rest assured the high-standards of product we use and the quality of our workmanship will stand the test of time.

Whether you know exactly which areas of your building require refurbishment or repair or would benefit from our expert eyes and a free, fast and fair quotation, have a chat to a member of our friendly team. Our range of complementary wall cladding coating services includes free colour matching, digital mock-ups and free colour samples to help you make decisions and visualise results for a transformed façade – all backed by our minimum ten-year guarantee.

See our wall cladding coating team in action here.

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