MTS Limited, Bardon Hill

Cut edge corrosion treatment on the roof of two units was the priority to halt any damage, repair and treat the areas of concern preventing further deterioration of the sheets.

Roof coating cladding repair was the priority for this project for new client MTS Limited, making sure their distribution units were safe and secure to meet operational needs.

One of our latest projects saw our team return to the Bardon Hill area of Leicestershire. Its unusual history (it’s situated on the top of an extinct volcano) has led to some unique projects in the area, as well as some big household name work (such as our project in 2020 with DHL). We were delighted to return to the Bardon Hill region to support MTS Limited: a storage, haulage and distribution company.

Our work on site covered two units on the MTS Limited Bardon Hill site. Though one unit was slighter smaller than the other, both were still large in size and adjacent to woodland, major roads, and vehicle yards. We combined our knowledge of difficult working areas with an expertise in logistics unit cladding repair and refurbishment to fix roof coating problems for MTS Limited.

Roof coating for complete roof cladding repair

Both units needed careful expert treatment to repair the issues we’d uncovered on the roofs during our free of charge site survey. Yet with expansive roofs and numerous nearby hazards, safety and security were, as always, our primary concern. We needed to make sure the work was completed efficiently, whilst being certain our team would be completely secure working at height.

To do this, we hired an access tower. This provided safe access for our team onto the roofs. We positioned this at the right location so our team could hook onto the existing mansafe system on the units roofs, combining our efficient investment in health and safety with our client’s roof security system already in place. A combination the two meant our roof coating work could be carried out promptly, efficiently and securely.

Cladding Coatings

Leading systems to treat cut edge corrosion

Once our team were safely in place on the roof, we could attend to the roof coating issue at hand: cut edge corrosion. The edge of the metal cladding sheeting on MTS Limited’s roofs had begun to deteriorate and started to peel back, allowing exposure to the elements. To solve this, we used our roof expertise to treat the cut edge corrosion with our tried and tested system from Tor Coatings: Tor Elastaseal™ Fibretex.

Tor Elastaseal™ Fibretex was developed to fix waterproofing issues commonly found when cut edge corrosion has occurred. It has an elastomeric, highly water resistant finish for ultimate moisture protection, and allows the cladding to breathe to prevent condensation building up in roof cladding sheeting. This Tor system boasts a 15 year warranty, above and beyond the minimum 10 year guarantee we offer for all our work. We’re also approved by Tor as accredited installers.

Cleaning and repairing the front of the units

As well as the roof coating repair work for MTS Limited, the front elevation of the units also needed our team’s attention. The front elevation had begun to look unsightly thanks to a build up of dirt and debris from surrounding high traffic volumes and foliage. To restore a professional appearance, we cleaned the front elevation as part of our cladding cleaning service using a pressure washer for an efficient and thorough clean.

The two downspouts at the low level of the front elevation also needed our expertise to address. They had begun to show signs of poor performance, with the downspouts not performing to remove rainwater from the front of the units efficiently. We used our gutter cleaning expertise to repair and restore the two downspouts to ensure optimal performance and property safety.

At Cladding Coatings, we’re delighted when a range of our services and areas of expertise combine to deliver a successful project for our clients. Here, our roof coating expertise, knowledge of safety and systems, and expertise in both region and sector resulted in a project that both our team and our client can be proud of.

If your storage, logistics or distribution unit is showing signs of cut edge corrosion problems that can damage your valuable stock and operations, contact our team at Cladding Coatings. Our roof coating experts can carry out a free on-site survey and follow up with a fast quotation for cladding repair work with minimal day to day disruption.

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