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Office Refurbishment and Re-coating of Windows, Doors and Facias

Cladding Coatings continues to work with Dominvs Group following the completion of the office refurbishment at their Hertford location earlier in the year (read more). Both properties were being refurbished by the owner to either sell or let.

When our assessors visited the site they found the original scheme was dated and heavily faded from weathering which failed to attract any new tenants or buyers and didn’t do this excellent national distribution centre justice.

Cladding Coatings was part of a larger team incorporating many trades working both internally and externally to improve the building. Our role included the external decorations to powder coat the windows and doors and also metal cladding all fascias.

Working closely with Dominvs Group’s team we worked together to check colours, providing samples to confirm they were correct, our preparation included pressure washing and degreasing all the surfaces to ensure a clean and sound substrate for the coating application. All the glass, handles and adjacent surfaces were masked prior to the proprietary system being applied.

The finished result was a totally renovated and inviting property which led to numerous viewings for the potential sale or letting of the premises.

The Cladding Coatings team has been delighted with this project, the client had tight deadlines to meet in the run up to Christmas, our team showed dedication and commitment to ensure we met the clients needs on time.

Services Involved 

On-site Spraying


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