North Seaton Industrial Estate, Northumberland

The complete refurbishment of 5 warehouse units including all roofing and cladding repairs.

Our expert team have just completed a full external refurbishment in Northumberland to 5 industrial units.

Our client, Whittle Jones, has a large complex at North Seaton Industrial Estate which comprises 25 industrial / warehouse units which range in size from 728 – 2800 sq. ft. the site is located around 16 miles north of Newcastle Upon Tyne. We surveyed the site and found that our team needed to attend site to carry out our on-site spraying services in Northumberland

Whittle Jones commissioned Cladding Coatings to refurbish part of the complex which comprises 5 large warehouse units in a cul-de-sac setting.

Whilst some of the units were occupied Whittle Jones was conscious of some available letting space, they hoped that by investing in this refurbishment work, occupancy would increase due to the units appearing more attractive to potential businesses seeking space.

During a site survey Cladding Coatings found the warehouse units to be in need of some refurbishment with areas starting to corrode and painted cladding becoming flaky. Due to the rural setting, the back of each unit and part of the roofing were particularly dirty with moss build up and algae, and in need of protection due to the overhanging trees and vegetation backing onto the industrial estate.

Whittle Jones appointed Cladding Coatings to carry out a complete, repair and refurbishment of the 5 warehouse units, including all roofing, guttering & roof lights, walls & signage, windows & roller shutter doors.

The process also included treatment of surfaces to improve the longevity of the structures which face some damage and deterioration due to weathering and general wear and tear. The units varied in condition, a works schedule was prepared for each, which the Cladding Coatings team were able to follow.

One once specific unit, the roof and roof lights cleaning process took place over 2 days, with cut edge corrosion treatment being carried out on the 2nd day, using a Tor coating system to treat the corrosion. Watch our time lapse video and see our experienced team carry out the process.

The lighting in the building noticeably improved immediately; the dull and dirty roof lights were having a detrimental effect on the interior lighting and ambience of all the units. We used a system from Tor Coatings; Tor Elastaseal™ which is an effective, durable flexible system backed by our Cladding Coatings 10 year guarantee.

The system seamlessly repairs cut edge, end lap and gutter edge corrosion, which was the ideal repair for the Units in question. The process involves cleaning and drying the area, then using a hand held grinder to remove loose particles and leave a smooth debris free edge for the repair application to adhere to. A primer coat is then applied followed by a fibre tape to seal the edge, a top coat is then applied to create a watertight seal of the cut edge.

The types of units, and size of the project leant to being an ideal opportunity for us to continue our research and development into treatments and coatings. With the permission of Whittle Jones, they agreed for us to carry out an experiment to identify the differences between coating a roof light externally with Rust-Oleum Vernac Gloss and an uncoated roof light on the same roof, to establish the effect of the coating on water run-off and dirt collection.

As we expected, the experiment clearly showed the benefit of investing in the Rust-Oleum Vernac Gloss, which is an acrylic varnish. The flexible and highly weather resistant qualities of the varnish meant that when liquid was poured onto the roofing it simply beaded and ran off expediently.

The non-treated roof, drained more slowly and in places standing liquid collected which would overtime deteriorate and corrode the surface. Watch our video here.

The Whittle Jones Industrial Estate and its rural location is surrounded by well-kept grassed areas, Cladding Coatings was mindful of the heavy machinery required to complete the work not having a detrimental impact on these grassed areas.

We used Ground-Guards which are designed to protect flags and landscape, the Ground-Guard sheets are guaranteed to be unbreakable and withstand vehicles of up to 120 tonnes. Ground-Guards also prevent any imprint that may otherwise be left by the vehicle: it’s almost as if we were never there. Read more about ground guards here.

Services Involved 

Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment

On-site Spraying

Wall Coating

Roof Coating

Gutter Cleaning & Coating

Rooflight Refurbishment

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