Orbis, Derby

This building in Derby has been refurbished to look like new. Work on the windows, doors and external cladding brings the property up to date with a modern look.

Unique challenges never faze us here at Cladding Coatings, and we’re proud to have delivered our latest project despite unusual circumstances.

International non-profit organisation Orbis approached us for a building refurbishment project at their site in Derby. After successful site surveys and accepted quotations, our team – led by Assistant Contracts Manager Jacob Eastwood – began work in March 2020.

Detailed scope of varied works

The first stage was to ensure the façade was ready for cladding repainting. To do this, we began by pressure washing the external walls and roof to clean the cladding and remove debris, ready for smooth and consistent cladding recoating. The cladding preparation work also necessitated filling in large holes that had appeared over time and increased the risk of damage to the property.

Once the building was ready for refurbishment, we began with cladding respraying, focussing on the corrugated soffit detail and the canopy, which formed key parts of the property’s unique design. Next, to suit the façade surface, we adeptly changed our cladding recoating application methods. We brushed and rolled the flat panels, windows and doors for efficient coverage with an even finish.

Continuing work despite unusual circumstances

Work on this project was in progress when the social distancing and isolation regulations of the coronavirus pandemic came into force. As such, we no longer had accommodation in the area available to our team. However, we’re well-versed in overcoming challenges; instead, we made a four-hour round trip daily to the site from our homes in the Oldham area of Manchester.

No matter the circumstances, commitment to our client and ongoing successful project delivering pertained. We’re proud of our team’s resilience, and this testament to our work ethic and ethos to never let a client down, seeing every project we begin through to exceed expectations of successful delivery.

Client commitment and positive feedback

Your choice of façade colour must always be your decision. However, we’re not afraid to admit we were a little unsure of the colour selections for Orbis in Derby when they were first mentioned!

As the images clearly show, the building finish is striking. On project completion, we were proud to receive much positive feedback about the impressive appearance. The end result is certainly one we can feel proud of.

Considering different colour choices? Wondering how our team can adapt to deliver premium results in changing circumstances? Let us know what you need, and we’ll share how we can deliver uninterrupted cladding refurbishment and repair with a resulting finish that exceeds even the highest expectations. Call or email our team for advice and quotations with no obligation.

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