Parcelforce, Aberdeen

Cut edge corrosion was found on the sheet ends. We repaired and protected the cladding against further deterioration.

The Cladding Coatings team have recently completed a project in Scotland for parcel delivery company, Parcelforce. The Facilities Manager for Parcelforce contacted Cladding Coatings after having a frustrating experience with several other Contractors. This was due to the other Contractors quoting and supplying paint systems which have failed and the building remained unprotected and in a poor state of repair.

On meeting with the Facilities Manager, Cladding Coatings reviewed the building and all areas of damage. We noted that this was an unusual project as the cut edge corrosion was found to be present on the sheet ends of the walls instead of the roof sheets which is more commonly found. This unusual appearance is something we are very familiar with, and is due to the coastal location of the building, where the weather can cause considerable increased wear and tear to a building.

In order to recommend an appropriate paint system it is important that the Cladding Coatings team are trained and have up to date industry knowledge. Which is why we have invested in training to ISO12944 which certifies on the assessment of the environment for paints and wall coverings. This ensures the Cladding Coatings team can advise on the best paint system that suits the needs for not only your building type and location but also to be robust and stand up to the environmental affects it may face over time.

As part of the initial meeting and survey, we explained this to the customer, something they hadn’t understood previously, we then discussed the scope of the project so that we could prepare a quotation. Cladding Coatings would also be responsible for removing the failing maintenance system which had been installed by another Contractor. Parcelforce understood that this would increase their costs in terms of labour time, but appreciated that they needed the work completing in order to futureproof the building and save costs in the long term.

Parcelforce approved our quotation, we then installed the Tor paint system. The system is compliant to ISO12944 C5M environments and includes an extremely thorough preparation process which would ensure that the failing system was removed and any damage repaired before the new application.

This project is an ideal example of how investing in the right system at the beginning can save money in the long run. The Cladding Coatings team’s knowledge of the industry and in particular ISO12944 compliance meant that we were able to provide our client with a system that will stand the test of time where other Contractors have failed.

If you are based in a coastal location or where your building faces extreme weather conditions, please consider contact Cladding Coatings to quote for a system that will protect your building now and in the future.

Read more about our cut edge corrosion service here.

Understand ISO12944 by clicking here.

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