Porcelanosa, Cardiff

The high street brand, Porcelanosa is in the process of updating its stores accross the UK. Cladding Coatings is assisting them with the project.

During the Autumn of 2015, Cladding Coatings has been working on a project for Porcelanosa.

Porcelanosa is a Spanish company with a presence in over 100 countries worldwide employing in the region of 5,000 skilled professionals. They offer high-end surfaces, fixtures & ceramic tiles for bathrooms & kitchens. In the UK, Porcelanosa has over 20 showrooms where customers can browse the product range and discuss ideas with their qualified team of home design professionals.

When we met with Porcelanosa we discussed their planned project which was to improve their existing high street brand, by updating external signage and replacing with new fixtures and signs.

The challenge this presented was that new signage was a different size and shape to the old designs which meant that the newly exposed areas of the buildings looks very new when comparing to other areas of the building (like removing a picture from a wall). This was unsightly and was causing a problem for the Porcelanosa Facilities Team as to whether the project would be a success in achieving their goals.

Another issue was that the new signs were to be positioned in slightly different locations to the previous ones, which meant that screw holes in the panels could now be seen, making the newly exposed areas of panel stand out even more.
As part of the project Porcelanosa also required Cladding Coatings to repaint all cladding, this was to complete the facelift to each Showroom giving a welcoming and attractive finish for visitors and shoppers.


Cladding Coatings Technical team worked with Porcelanosa’s Facilities Team over a number of weeks to trial different options for filling the screw holes made by the old signage and then cleaning the cladding so that no evidence could be seen of the locations of the old signage. This took time and trial and error before we finally found a solution that worked for the customer and provided the perfect finish we were all looking for.
So far, we have completed 3 stores for Porcelanosa’s brand re-launch in Cardiff, Croydon and Nottingham. The project will continue this year throughout the rest of the UK.

Services Involved 

On-site Spraying

Wall Coating

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