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Process Pipework Services, Ulverston

  • Project: Process Pipework Services
  • Location: Ulverston, Cumbria
  • Services: Wall, Roof and Roller Shutter Door Painting
  • Colour and System: White Noxyde (walls and roof) and Alkythane (door)
  • Year: 2018

Three derelict workshops and a deteriorating office unit were in desperate need of external refurbishment, despite the years of neglect Cladding Coatings transformed the failing buildings.

Three derelict workshops and a deteriorating office unit were in desperate need of external refurbishment, despite the years of decline Cladding Coatings transformed the failing buildings.

The dilapidated units for Process Pipework Services in Ulverston had been left in a state of disarray for several years. The exterior of the buildings, which are nestled together had each suffered a fair amount of corrosion, paint deterioration and flaking. As these issues worsened it became clear to the landlords that if something wasn’t done quickly, they could have a more serious and fatal problem on their hands.

Process Pipework Services was found in 1985, to provide a quality pipework fabrication & installation service throughout a diverse range of process plant applications. Since incorporating 34 years ago, the company has grown from strength to strength, getting busier each year. This increase of business sadly meant that the upkeep and maintenance of the building took a backseat, leaving the building in the state of decline it is currently in. The khaki colour units looked dull and unappealing, certainly not the negative image the company wanted the portray. It wasn’t just the walls and roofs that had lost their colour, the roller shutter doors had also become worn over years of use.

Realising this issue would not go away on its own, Process Pipework Services took action and got in contact with us at Cladding Coatings. Soon after we received the request, we arrived onsite to carry out a full examination of the buildings, to see the extent of the damage and how we would proceed next. Despite the length of time since the building was last maintained, the actual metal cladding itself had remained in good condition and didn’t need to be treated. However, this wouldn’t have been the case if the building was neglected for much longer, as the faded paint had left the façade exposed to the elements.

After a full survey of the building, our expert was able to fully assess the situation and provide the client with a full refurbishment solution, guaranteed to restore the failing facades!

Pleased with our proposal, work soon began, where stage one was to give all buildings a high-powered clean. This is the first process we always carry out for any renovation, it leaves a clean, bare and smooth surface ready for the new paint system to be applied. Our attention primarily was on the walls and roofs of the units, the vertical elevations were re-coated with crystal white Rust-Oleum’s high-powered Noxyde system – an industry leading paint with exception elasticity and corrosion resistance. These are just two of many qualities this system has. Two coats were applied using our on-site spraying service to ensure an even and well protected finish.

Next, we moved onto the roller shutter doors. These had sadly also seen a great level of paint fading and wear. For these a slightly different but just as effective system was used called Alkythane. This left the doors beautifully painted and highly protected even with the excessive movement that will happen when in use.

The project itself took 4 weeks to carry out, 1 week per unit. This was plenty of time to allow for a stunning, well protected finish on each of the buildings. We now have some well-maintained buildings and a very happy client.

Services involved

Roof Coating

On-site Spraying

Wall Coating

Factory Door Coating

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