Procurri, Warrington

An industrial unit in need of re-coating due to age and deterioration to the metal wall cladding. The unit next door saw the transformation and booked in their project.

Industrial wall cladding coating was the focus of this project in Warrington for the Cladding Coatings team.

Cladding Coatings were contacted by Procurri, who were looking to complete some external refurbishment work at one of their industrial units in Warrington. Cladding Coatings visited the site to conduct a free on-site survey to establish exactly what services would be required on this project.

From the on-site survey, it was evident that the metal wall cladding was looking a little worse for wear and needed recoating and refurbishing to restore it to its former glory.

Procurri is a global company with multiple sites, so their unit in Warrington needed to live up to the brand’s high-quality reputation.

Cladding Coatings
Cladding Coatings

Industrial Wall Cladding Coating

From the initial on-site survey, it was clear that the wall cladding was showing signs of deterioration. Areas of cut-edge corrosion need to be addressed quickly so that we can repair the damage before it gets any worse. When the cut-edge corrosion is too far gone and beyond repair, cladding replacement becomes your only option which can be costly.

Cladding Coatings elected to use our trusted coating systems for recoating the industrial wall cladding. The cladding painting and coating systems we use on refurbishment projects are carefully selected for each project based on the location and environment of the building. You can read more about selecting the best paint system for your building here.

The industrial wall cladding coating systems we use to recoat metal cladding have excellent anti-corrosion properties, are hardwearing and come in a wide range of colours allowing you to get the perfect façade finish.

Suppose you are unsure about colour schemes or have strict brand guidelines to follow. In that case, Cladding Coatings offers colour matching, on-site samples and digital visualisation to help you in your decision-making process.

Working safely and efficiently on-site

When working on any site, Cladding Coatings takes the utmost care to ensure all health and safety is adhered to. This protects our team working on-site and your staff, visitors, and customers.

When working at height, we install the relevant safety and access systems and set up cordons and perimeters where necessary.

Another way we work safely and efficiently on-site is by using a drone survey. A drone survey causes minimal disruption to you on-site and allows you to see what the areas high up on your building look like without installing scaffolding, MEWPs or cranes. Our MD, Mike Hallwood, is qualified to fly drones and has passed his PFCO written and flight exam for drones enabling us to provide you with an accurate report about your building’s condition quickly and safely. You can find out more about drone surveys here.

We worked hard to keep disruption to an absolute minimum when recoating the industrial wall cladding on this project. It was important that our team that was working on-site caused little to no disruption to our customer and their daily business operations. This is something we always strive to endeavour on any project for our customers. Where it is impossible to work during busy operational periods, we plan and discuss with the customer when the most suitable times would be. This can include working around your operating hours to ensure that your industrial wall cladding coating project is completed quickly and efficiently.

Industrial wall cladding coating guaranteed to last

The systems and services used on this project are backed by the Cladding Coatings minimum 10-year guarantee. This guarantee means our customers can rest assured that their industrial wall cladding coating project will look good and perform well for years to come.

Cladding Coatings’ advanced coating systems all provide unique properties, and some systems come with even longer product guarantees.

The Procurri Warrington site is next door to Synertec where we completed an external refurbishment of the roof, walls and gutter system. We completed the external refurbishment at Procurri first. After seeing our successful refurbishment work there, Synertec got in touch and asked us to look at how we could revitalise their building.

Contact our knowledgeable team today for advice if you want to learn more about our industrial wall cladding coating and refurbishment services. Or request a free site survey or quotation here.

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