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Pure Gym, Canterbury

  • Project: Pure Gym
  • Location: Canterbury
  • Building Type: Commercial Premises
  • Year: 2020

Pure Gym, Canterbury

In a competitive market, maintaining a strong brand image is crucial.

Pure Gym, a chain of hundreds of gyms located around the UK, knew that a professional appearance was essential to uphold their reputation. They instructed our team at Cladding Coatings to carry out work on a site of theirs in Canterbury to refurbish and repair the external building façade.

Standing out for the right reasons

In a crowded market focussed on a presentable image, Pure Gym needed a professional building exterior to attract the right audience. There are other fitness facilities nearby in direct competition to Pure Gym, so there were concerns that the worn façade was losing our client business.

Pure Gym needed to show they were polished and upholding a nationwide company reputation. Branding is key, and the client knew this, so it was essential we delivered a clean and presentable finish in the colours their customers would know and trust.

Cladding refurbishment for a professional finish

Our team set to work by prepping the job, including filling in any holes from previous signage. The façade was also thoroughly pressure-washed to ensure a clean exterior, free from dirt and debris and ready for smooth paint application.

Next, we sprayed the flat panels using our thorough and efficient on-site spraying application that covers great surface area without compromising attention to detail. Paint spraying was then completed on the corrugated cladding on the entrance canopy. The client asked us to use white paint, which meant the previous cladding cleaning preparation was of even greater importance to ensure a clean finish.

The final task was to use brush and roll paint application methods for the fascia and downspouts, also using white paint. This delivered a cohesive and professional finish.

Swift and efficient completion

The job took just one week for our team to finish. This ensured minimal disruption for our client, their customers and neighbouring businesses and facilities, with a professional project delivered to time and budget to meet expectations.

Only two team members worked on site, so members and visitors were not disturbed or distracted from workouts and classes by multiple workmen on site.

An on-brand finish for a nationally-recognised company is key. If you’re concerned about upholding your reputation through your property façade, get in touch with our team here at Cladding Coatings about our external building refurbishment and repair.

Our digital mock-up services help you make colour decisions to ensure you’re matching company branding, and let you visualise the finish façade for a consistent and cohesive look you can be confident in. We also provide free on-site surveys and quotes with no obligation, and can visit your site and assess from a safe social distance.

For advice on your next project on an individual or nationwide scale, contact Cladding Coatings today.

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