QMC Hospital, Nottingham

This impressive transformation on this hospital treatment centre ran smoothly and without disruption to the services provided at the centre. The finish is very smart and appealing to visitors to the facility.

Using a range of high performance paint systems, we worked with a wider team to deliver a cladding restoration project with a smart façade finish for Nottingham’s NHS Treatment Centre.

Our commitment to only the highest exacting standards of our clients means we often work in collaboration with others in the construction industry. That was the case for this project, where were involved in the cladding restoration and cladding coating aspect of an NHS-run centre in the heart of the UK. The centre is striking, and our cladding painting and cladding spraying expertise helped delivered an impressive finish to the delight of the full supply chain.

Gaining approval of well-respected clients

Our client, Costain Ltd, are committed to improving lives through smart infrastructure. They operate a large supply chain. Yet as a well-known name in the buildings, construction and infrastructure industries, they expect any supplier they take on to adhere to equally high standards of both work ethic and project delivery. Therefore, we’re incredibly proud we were part of the team and played our part in this project.

The end-client we worked for was the NHS-run Treatment Centre QMC Hospital, off Lister Lane in Nottingham. This large facility is part of the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, and offers a breadth of treatments to patients with multiple needs. As such, the Treatment Centre needed to be respected and securely and promptly refurbished.

Using different paint systems for the perfect finish

Our role as commercial cladding experts required us to attend to the exterior wall cladding. To do this, we used a range of different industry-leading systems. The challenge for our team was to combine the use of this range of different paints for a smooth cohesive finish. Our experience and expertise were called upon, as we needed to use our knowledge to determine optimal application approaches using our onsite spraying method, considering things such as drying time, droplet formation, and application conditions for each of the different products.

The paint systems we installed on the Treatment Centre’s façade included our ten year system from Tor Coatings. Known for its flexibility of use and exceptional high performance properties, it was the perfect choice for the project. We installed the Tor Coatings system to the PVDF in RAL 5015.

Cladding Coatings

Working to reduce on-site disruption

Naturally, at an NHS facility, time and disruption on site must be kept to an absolute minimum. Patients and staff needed to be able to access the site readily and safely, so it was imperative our work had the least impact possible on the day-to-day use of the treatment centre.

Our minimum ten year guarantee gave our clients even greater peace of mind that the need for disruption was minimal and we could carry out our work with little to no impact on their work. It instilled even greater confidence in our external wall cladding restoration work, with the client confident in our expertise and ability.

Whether you’re a large organisation looking to partner with a new supplier, or an end-client needing a professional and presentable finish for your façade, contact our team at Cladding Coatings. We’d be delighted to provide a fast quotation following our visit to you for a free on-site survey.

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