R.D.Williams & Sons (Haulage) Ltd, Huntingdon

New colour and new finish applied to this distribution facility to refresh the exterior and improve its aesthetics.

Our teams have been busy refurbishing an established logistics facility at Huntingdon, Cambridge. R.D Williams and sons contacted Cladding Coatings to take on the refurbishment of their building which the external metal wall cladding was in need of updating and repair.

R.D.Williams & Sons is situated strategically on the A14 link road that connects the A1 and M1 junctions in Cambridgeshire. Renowned for their efficient transportation of goods across the UK and Europe, the company boasts a commendable fleet of 50 vehicles and over 100 trailers supported by a 70-member team dedicated to excellence.

Recognising the importance of maintaining their reputation, R.D Williams acknowledged the need for a building exterior that reflects their high standards. With such a reputation to uphold they knew that their property exterior needed attention and allowed us to help them with their project.

The principal aim was to revamp the aging facility, ensuring its facade resonates with the company’s branding and commitment to quality service delivery. Health and safety considerations were paramount given the operational nature of the site, complemented by an objective to minimise disruption during the refurbishment process.

Cladding Coatings
Cladding Coatings

Upon engagement, Cladding Coatings initiated a comprehensive evaluation to identify the needs of the facility. A key aspect was to establish a colour scheme congruent with R.D Williams’ branding. Upon selection of a high-performance paint system, meticulous planning followed to arrange the renovation activities in a manner that would seamlessly integrate with the client’s ongoing operations.

Commencing with the vital preparatory phase, the team began by washing down the facility’s exterior walls. This ensured a pristine surface for the subsequent application of the paint system. The modern spraying equipment was then employed to apply the coatings which come with a 15-year guarantee; a testament to the quality of the coating system used and the expert application by our team.

Furthermore, four loading doors and a personnel door were recoated, with flashings throughout the facility replaced where necessary. These detailed enhancements contributed to the overall transformation of the site.

Cladding Coatings

We were able to capture a fascinating timelapse of the whole project whilst on site which shows the process from start to finish. You can see that after a thorough clean and pressurised wash down of the metal cladding how the existing loose paint surface layer is removed to create a smooth and clean surface to accept the two coats of specialist cladding paint. Seeing the transformation as it happens is captivating and the amazing before and after results are incredible to see.

The end result looked amazing, in a fresh green colour to compliment the branding, the refurbished facility not only lived up to the company’s standards but also refreshed their corporate image. The 15-year guarantee on the coating underscores the durability and quality of the refurbishment work completed by Cladding Coatings, ensuring that R.D Williams’ logistics facility will maintain its revitalised appearance for years to come without concern.

We have done many logistics and distribution centres across the UK and each one is unique due to its location, size, shape, operations, and project requirements however all of them share a remarkable transformation process that makes the properties stand out for years to come, with only a need for minimal maintenance, and savings made on building maintenance costs for years to come.

If you have a similar project that you would like us to quote for you, please contact us to arrange a free site survey and we can help you transform your property to look like this. Send us an email to info@claddingcoatings.co.uk or call us on 0161 626 3493.

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