Rawlinson Automotive, Bury St. Edmunds (Phase Two)

A return to this site saw us complete a second roof refurbishment which included rooflight replacement and a full recoating.

Phase two of this car showroom refurbishment saw us install a 15-year system to the metal roof cladding and replace all rooflights.

Rawlinson Automotive had already experienced Cladding Coatings’ expertise when we worked on phase one of their Bury St Edmunds metal roof cladding refurbishment project. So we were delighted to return to carry out phase two, including more on-site roof spraying, and gutter cleaning and rooflight replacement.

Cladding Coatings
Cladding Coatings

Carrying out phase two of the project

We successfully completed work to one of the buildings on site earlier this year, which involved extensive and expert roof preparation ready for the property to accept installation of solar panels. (Read more about phase one of the project and see how we transformed the roof from damaged to high-performance in our earlier case study).

Our team’s successful restoration of the ageing roof was done using our Rustoleum Noxyde paint system, with its 15-year guarantee. Now, we could set to work on the roof of building B.

Prioritising safe roof access

First and foremost, we needed to make sure our team and everyone involved in the project could access the roof safely. To do that, we looked to our trusted methods and installed both an access tower and a full perimeter protection handrail to the extent of the building.

Thanks to our highly specialised roof repair and refurbishment experience, we were able to place safety first without compromising project needs or timescales. We also included an extra two weeks’ roof safety system hire to cover the subsequent solar panel removal and fitting, making sure every contractor at the site was protected and giving our client one less concern to worry about.

Installing a 15-year system

Once access was secured, we attended to the metal roof cladding. As is common with metal roof cladding that hasn’t been refurbished and has been exposed to the elements, the full roof required our attention.

To restore the roof, our specialist in-house roof spraying team were on site and installed one of our most trusted systems, Rustoleum Noxyde. This is the same paint system we’d used on phase one of Rawlinson Automotive’s Bury St Edmunds site, and included the same guarantee of a minimum of 15-years. This guarantee means the system’s excellent anti-corrosion properties and our expert application will last at least 15-years for complete client peace of mind.

When the metal cladding coating work was completed, we cleaned out all gutters on the unit’s roof. This seemingly small task is, in fact, extensive and essential, as gutter cleaning prevents problematic standing water build up. We removed the dirt and debris from the guttering system so it could perform properly, extending the life of the roof system as a whole.

Cladding Coatings

Replacing rooflights across the unit

Our final task on roof B was rooflight refurbishment. This careful work required our knowledge of rooflight properties and removal, especially as 24 rooflights were included in our brief.
To begin, we carefully stripped-off the existing glass fibre-reinforced plastic (GRP) rooflights, then removed them from the site. Next, we could install new GRP translucent rooflights to replace those we’d removed, supplying and fitting new lights that increase the amount of natural light that enters the building.

Rooflights may be relatively small, but cohesive brand image is important at every touchpoint. As such, we used new poppy red coloured fixing and sealants for the new rooflights, providing a strong colourway that was the perfect finishing touch to a successful, and detailed, roof refurbishment project.

Now with two phases of the Rawlinson Automotive project completed, we’re proud we provided a 15-year guaranteed metal roof cladding refurbishment scheme that we and our client can both be proud of.

For more information about our extensive car showroom refurbishment experience, and why both aesthetics and performance properties play prominent roles in the repair and restoration work, take a look at some of our automotive industry case studies. Then, have a chat with our friendly team to book in your free, no obligation car showroom refurbishment quote today.

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