Elliott Hudson College, Leeds, West Yorkshire

The newly acquired building for Elliott Hudson College was refurbished to match their neighbouring premises.

Cladding Coatings carry out work within the education sector, with several of our recent projects involving external refurbishments of education facilities. In Spring, we began the renovation of a newly acquired unit for a college in South Leeds.

Elliott Hudson college case study

Elliott Hudson College in West Yorkshire opened their first higher education facility back in 2015 and since then, the college has grown so much that they now have needs to expand to new premises. They occupied an empty unit on the White Rose Business Park, which is next to their existing site. The building had been left empty and was in need of refurbishment both inside and to its external facade.

We worked alongside the main contractor BAM Construction, to renovate the building transforming it into an attractive and safe environment for new potential students. BAM Construction were recruited by the college to carry out the £11.1 million refurbishment and as part of this, Cladding Coatings were called in to assist with the renovation of their external façade.

We have worked alongside BAM on previous projects and the collective pride in our work and services allows us to work together as a highly successful team. BAM worked on the external face of the unit by adding a new perimeter glazing and overlaying the existing roof. We used our professional onsite spraying services to re-coat the panels which had faded due to lack of maintenance, ageing and weathering.

Elliott Hudson College After Refurbishment Front

With the college already having an existing establishment, the branding and layout were already decided upon. Elliot Hudson College wanted the new facility to coincide with the appearance of their existing school, which meant the colour systems used were straight forward to select.

Masking and protective covers were applied to the building’s windows and frames to avoid any overlap whilst carrying out the onsite spraying. First and foremost, we had to clean down the external wall to produce a prepared and smooth surface for the paint to be spray applied to.

After the preparation stage was completed, our professional team evenly coated the unit with a Rust-Oleum Noxyde System. This system produces a smooth, evenly coated surface which is highly flexible, water and corrosion resistant. The benefits of using a spray system rather than traditional methods are that you eliminate brush strokes, the finish is much smoother and the onsite spraying process takes far less time since it only needs one coat.

Elliott Hudson College Facade After Refurbishment

The college’s new premises are in the heart of a lively business park which is extremely close to a large, popular shopping centre. Despite the hectic conditions surrounding the unit, the external façade cladding was sprayed efficiently and to our exceptionally high standards. At the same time, Bam Construction were also carrying out a full internal refit of the unit, which made the site busier than usual. However, this was not an issue for the Cladding Coatings’ expert team as we were still able to work around this and carry out our services on time.

Elliott Hudson College’s new building is almost ready for its grand opening, as Bam Construction is currently nearing completion on the project. The expansion of the college means that they can now house over 1,000 extra students. When the doors open for the new 2017/2018 school year, Elliott Hudson College will offer more than 30 different A Level courses across their two sites.

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