Renault, Dacia Car Showroom, Leeds, West Yorkshire

The newly acquired showroom for Renault required re-coating, with the external elevations needing to match the Renault branding.

The newly refurbished Renault Dacia car showroom is situated at Barrack Rd, Leeds, West Yorkshire. Bennett Motor Group who is the sister company of the well-established RMB Automotive Group, acquired the previous Jaguar showroom on Barrack Rd to expand their business into the Leeds area to showcase their range of Renault and Dacia vehicles.

As the previous owners of the premises were Jaguar, the building had been coated in Jaguar’s branded colours; green and white. Because of this, the Renault Dacia showroom required a full external refurbishment to transform the façade into Renault and Dacia’s branding respectively.

The showroom was in good condition and had been well maintained by the previous owners, so there was no need to replace or repair any of the existing cladding. The building simply required a respray to freshen it up and to ensure the brand colours were matched precisely for both Renault and Dacia. The client chose the colour white for the external elevations to match both Renault and Dacia’s branding and went with a bold, black colour for the front, side and rear doors, which tied in nicely with the large Renault signage at the front of the showroom.

The first stage was to prepare the unit ready to be coated. We fully cleaned all of the cladding and surfaces that were going to be painted, including the back of the showroom which had numerous large roller doors. As a result, the unit now had a clean, smooth finish, ready for us to carry out our onsite spraying service.

We protected the brick walls and the large showroom windows, to ensure they did not get any paint overspray. Furthermore, we took precautions regarding the surrounding area, as the premises were located on a busy street with members of the public nearby.

The Noxyde system we used, produces a protective and waterproof coating and comes with a 10-year protection guarantee. The colour selected was a fresh, clean white for the external elevations, and an intense black shade for the doors at the rear to match Renault’s brand.

Our onsite spraying service provided Bennett Motor Group with an even and uniform finish and the front, side and rear freshly painted doors looked like new. The Renault Dacia car showroom now has a clean and attractive exterior which stands out for all the right reasons on such a busy road in Leeds.

Once our onsite spraying was complete, the new Renault and Dacia signage could be placed, and the full refurbishment was then complete. The new tenants were overjoyed with their new car showroom and are now open for business!

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