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This residential property was in need of refurbishment to its existing metal cladding that was showing signs of corrosion. The cladding was professionally wrapped in film to protect and re-cover leaving a beautiful finish.

Architectural finishes are hugely important. They help deliver a design vision, carefully created with home or building owner in mind. So when a residential property owner in Hartlepool approached us at Cladding Coatings about externally refurbishing their stunning home, they knew they were in safe hands with an experienced team able to meet their architect’s style.

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As the pictures show, this home is clearly striking. Yet the external cladding was showing signs of ageing, corrosion and wear. The owner knew that to continue to have a property that they are, quietly right, extremely proud of, they needed cladding repair and refurbishment completed by an expert team.

Cladding wrapping: an alternative way to a fresh façade finish

Cladding Coating is most commonly done by cladding painting or cladding onsite spraying. These are the most popular methods, yet each façade is different and needs to be treated with individual care. Cladding wrapping offers you another service to specify when managing a building project, and it’s the cladding refurbishment method the client chose for this residential project.

Cladding wrapping transforms your façade without cladding painting, as it covers your existing cladding with a specialist, multi-layer film. This film’s air-release technology means its bubble-free, giving you a really professional and polished façade finish.

Pre-cut vinyl sheets are trimmed in place to fit, and smoothed over corners and panel ends for a clean result. This wrapping process can be done either before or after cladding installation. The film is applied to individual panels during cladding application, or used to repair cladding already in place, making it a really flexible option to suit your project plans.

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Expert installers: specialist systems in trusted hands

The cladding wrapping film is a unique system with excellent properties. However, it is a precise art that needs to be completed by only those trained and approved to do so. This is particularly important when a strong architectural vision, like the one for this residential facade, needs to be achieved.

At Cladding Coating, we’re proud to be approved installers of this cladding wrapping system. This is a status we’ve achieved through proven high-level skill at installing the system and the manufacturer’s complete confidence in the abilities of our team.

We’re delighted to add this cladding wrapping film to our portfolio of systems we’ve been proven to expertly install. You can find out more about these here.

Residential properties: achieving your vision for your home

Most of our work is on commercial properties. However, that certainly doesn’t mean your residential property shouldn’t receive the same high standard of external building maintenance treatment.

Residential budgets are typically lower than commercial cladding projects, yet cladding wrapping gives you the option of meeting budgets without compromising on quality. As there’s no need for high-pressure cladding cleaning nor any need for new materials, cladding wrapping is a cheaper option. And it’s flexible too, giving smooth finish across a variety of metal substrates and available in a range of different colour options.

With our experienced team and decades of collective expertise, the skills we need to make your building look like new are transferable, whatever type of façade needs our attention.

From homes and offices to car showrooms and storage facilities, let us know how our team of expert cladding system installers can help you achieve your architectural vision. Contact our experienced and supportive team today.

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