Ring Automotive, Leeds, West Yorkshire

This warehouse and office building was refinished to improve its appearance and to compliment the companies newer building nearby.

Ring are automotive specialists, based in South-West Leeds, close to the city centre. With a prominent location near the busy M621 motorway and Elland Road football ground, they needed to ensure that their building’s exterior was presentable and professional in a high-traffic area.

In addition to making their building stand-out for the right reasons in a noticeable location, Ring were also aware of the need for external brand consistency. The company had recently acquired another premises a very short distance from the existing building to support their expansion. Therefore, they needed the older property to match the facade of the new property to maintain a professional reputation.

Our Cladding Coatings team were on site to support the client’s vision: transforming the exterior of a run-down warehouse totalling over 3000m2 in area and updating it to match the new building’s high standards. The warehouse had brick wall and a metal roof, so this work involved respraying sections of the roof and walls to result in a professional, clean and presentable finish.

Ring have highly-recognisable branding, so the colourways needed to match on the prominent logos featuring on the front facade of both buildings. At Cladding Coatings, we offer a unique colour-matching service. We use a highly-trusted system called Noxyde from Rust-Oleum. Noxyde can be applied in a variety of colours and shades, so there’s no limit to the colours we can use. We also provide a free on-site sample service to make sure the colour is correct before beginning work.

As well as external appearance, Ring knew it was important to maintain their roof and walls to keep their building’s interior secure. To help their customers get the most from their vehicles, Ring stock car accessories, bulbs and lighting units. Therefore, to protect their products and continue delivering their high-level service, it is imperative that their building is fully-able to prevent their stock from becoming damaged. Cut-edge corrosion, for example, can cause cracking that allows rainwater to enter the building, causing internal as well as external damage. By respraying key sections of the exterior, Cladding Coatings could help ensure this vital protection was achieved.

We were delighted to be part of the team bringing Ring Automotive’s existing property to the same professional standard of finish as their new premises.

If you’re concerned that your building looks a little outdated, call our team at Cladding Coatings today. We’ll come visit you for a free, no obligation site survey.

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