Shaw Heath Park, Stockport

An outbuilding at a public Park had been targeted by graffiti artists. The roof has been cleaned and painted to restore it to its former glory.

A property owned by Stockport Council had been vandalised with graffiti which was causing an eye sore in this public space. Cladding Coatings we able to restore the building with our on-site spraying services.

Stockport Council made an enquiry to Cladding Coatings after the Shaw Heath Park and Recreation Ground was targeted by an act of vandalism. The popular park has an outbuilding unit, which was the target of graffiti on the roof of the building. Despite several attempts to remove the damage, the council were unable to rectify the issue, and with its unsightly appearance, it was quickly starting to damage the image of the area. Residents and park users had stressed their concerns over the eye-sore, so the council needed a new strategy to remove the defacement. This is when they called in Cladding Coatings.

After an enquiry from the council we arrived onsite to assess the damage. We carried out our in-depth site survey, then we suggested to the client our recommendations based on our industry knowledge and provided him with a quote. Stockport Council were very happy with the proposal, and work soon began on the renovation. The project would involve a full roof coating refurbishment, to remove the graffiti, whilst also producing a clean and consistent finish.

With all work we carry out, we pride ourselves on ensuring the environment is well protected and no damage will be caused to the surrounding areas. During the initial site visit we indicated the ground conditions may raise concerns if not properly monitored – therefore we chose a light cherry picker as machinery on this project, to prevent overloading damage to the ground works.

We also take great importance in the safety of the public, which is by a Banksman was present at all times during operation hours to ensure the safety and protection of general public and park users. The help of a Banksman also improved the efficiency of our processes, and allowed them to proceed methodically.

The refurbishment encompassed the full roof coating using our highly recommended, protective system – Noxyde from Rust-Oleum. Their extensive range of colours can be matched to any branding or requirements, in this case our client chose English Red – to match the previous colour scheme before the damage occurred.

Before we applied the paint to the roof, we had to prepare it for coating – to do this our highly skilled team power washed all the tiles and roof infrastructure, to leave a clean and well prepared surface. The system could then be applied using our high-quality roof coating service – which produced a clean, smooth finish – covering all signs of graffiti and beautified the roof. The system we used has a 10-year guarantee, which helps to reduce rates of rust, corrosion, weathering and other forms of natural damage.

The project took one week to complete – meeting the deadline set by the client. Stockport Council and the local residents were pleased with the new embellished building and the services which we provided.

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