Siroflex Bostik Ltd

An amazing colourful transformation was carried out to this building as part of a complete wall cladding refurbishment.

We installed 15-year guaranteed paint systems to four elevations, using colours that matched the client’s branding.

Siroflex Bostik Ltd’s Yorkshire-base site sits on Dodworth Business Park – a prominent spot close to major roads, and near a busy junction of the M1. Cladding Coatings were called in to refurbish the property and restore the external facade to look like new.

We began the project by assessing every area of the unit to make sure we identified all signs of deterioration and damage, such as whether there was any cut-edge corrosion or where there was flaking or peeling paintwork. This meant we could not only deliver above and beyond expectations but that we could also give our client a clear, upfront picture of the work required for a transparent quote.

Cladding Coatings

Attention to detail for a strong brand image

Detailed work on site focussed on two primary elevations. On these two facades, we began with external wall recoating on all cladding, as well as soffits, curtain walling and the exterior of the doorsand windows of the reception area. On the two rear elevations, we also attended to all cladding and soffits, as well as the external doors. This required us to combine our skills recoating large wall elevations alongside attending to the finer details. This shows not just our team’s dedication to a thorough job well done but also Siroflex’s commitment to the value of taking care of the finishing touches for a well-cared-for aesthetic.

Cladding Coatings

As part of that overall image of professionalism, Siroflex chose the paint system in Poppy Red to match the red used within the business’s bold branding. Our unique colour matching service made sure the client was happy with colour choice before application. We also carried out onsite samples to ensure that the colour choice worked on the facade.

15-year guaranteed systems for long-term peace of mind

Many of the long-standing systems we use, combined with our extensive expertise, are accompanied by a minimum ten-year guarantee. Yet both systems we used on this scheme of work for Siroflex are backed by a 15-year guarantee.

Not only does this guarantee provide our client with the utmost confidence in our teams’ abilities and application methods, it gives them long-term peace of mind knowing the paint we used for external wall recoating is designed to last, delivering a strong brand image of professionalism and care for many years to come.

Cladding Coatings
Cladding Coatings

Commitment to overall façade refurbishment

Once we had completed work on the primary cladded areas, we also refurbished three personal doors, two large shutter doors, 15m2 flat panels, and the exterior of the entrance reception window. This diverse range of work shows not only does our team have the skills and experience to tackle any part of your external building refurbishment, it’s also evidence of the trust Siroflex placed in us to attend to all the areas of the property and make it all look like new again.

If your external façade is looking tired and showing signs of disrepair, get in touch with our team here at Cladding Coatings. Our extensive experience and talented team combine to tackle huge projects and their finest details, resulting in happy clients and high-performance properties UK-wide.

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