SOS Communications, Horsham

The exterior of SOS Communications was deteriorating and required refurbishment. We were able to re-coat the building.

At the end of July 2015, the Cladding Coatings Ltd team arrived on site at SOS Communications in sunny Horsham. Trusting in our expertise, they had enlisted us to carry out the repaint works necessary to repair the exterior of their building, which was showing significant signs of corrosion and wear.

After travelling down to site we arrived on site mid-morning and met Company Manager David Gurr to introduce our team personally. Following a walk around the site, we unloaded our equipment and were ready to begin work.

We began by pressure-washing the cladding, which was done at a high pressure to ensure that all dirt and residual build-up was removed from the building’s surface. This task is a standard element of Cladding Coatings Ltd’s rigorous procedure, allowing us to make sure that the cladding is fully prepared and ready for painting; when required, we even strip the paint completely.

Our considerate team pressure-washed half of the unit from a scissor lift and cherry picker, mindful that we would need to spray the surface before Monday morning when cars would be parked in front of the building’s main entrance.

After pressure-washing the unit, there was very little of the original paint remaining; therefore, a careful balance of Noxyde paint needed to be applied. The first coat of Noxyde was a primed coat, meaning that water was added to the Noxyde drum to alter the paint composition: increasing the water content of the paint to 15 – 20%.

Once the Noxyde was primed, we applied a thick coat of the paint. Taking care not to impact upon other areas of the building, we ensured that the windows were masked prior to paint application; this also made it easier for us to spray the surrounding area. We then applied a top coat of paint in Van Dyke Brown.

Once the spraying was complete, we painted the gutters and surrounds in Poppy Red Alkythane, and the windows in Van Dyke Brown Alkythane: take a look at the image below to see the finished version.

When the work was almost complete, we finished by spraying the roller-shutter door. Using the same Alkythane applied to the windows, gutters and surrounds, the door was painted using both the Poppy Red and the Van Dyke Brown. In order to ensure that the finish was to the highest standards, a high velocity, low-pressure spray unit was used for application: resulting in the door appearing brand new.

Having worked on the building for a full seven days to ensure that a thorough job was completed, we are proud to report that SOS Communications were delighted with the work: the Company Manager state that the finish ‘exceeded all expectations’. Take a look at our Testimonials to read his endorsement in full.

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