Sports Direct, Darlington

On-site Shopfront spraying was carried out to the wall cladding and also spraying of the low level windows and doors.

Across the country former JJB stores are being taken over and converted into Sports Direct stores. This post is going to look at the external cladding refurbishment process that was involved for the new Sports Direct in Darlington.

Shopfront spraying plays a vital role in the transformation process. We can transform a tired-looking shop front into a brand new shop front with vitality at a fraction of the cost of a new one. If shoppers don’t enter the premises, Sports Direct won’t make the sales because it’s the shop front that creates the lasting first impression. The shop front should also convey the image of the brand and it is important to Sports Direct to differentiate from the previous JJB image.

As with all painting processes, a lot of the emphasis with shopfront spraying is in the preparation of the surfaces and ensuring we have a sound surface to spray-apply the coatings. Before we started the project, the building required masking prior to spraying to protect overspray onto adjacent areas. The glazing in the entrance doors required protection, as did the floor and walls.

On-site spraying is an ideal method of renovating premises when a quick turnaround time is required. The finish with on-site spraying is superior to that of a brush and roller and a greater film thickness can be applied which means more protection of the substrate.

Cladding Coatings Ltd’s on-site spraying team carried out the external refurbishment to the Sports Direct site in Darlington. They carried out on-site spraying of the vertical wall cladding to the front and side elevations and also shopfront spraying of the low level windows and doors.

One of the issues with this site in particular was the short turnaround time with which we had to work within. We had just five weeks from having access to the premises to when Sports Direct wanted to start moving in with their merchandise.

The main contractor, Tille Ltd, brought in Cladding Coatings Ltd and we completed the on-site spraying and shopfront spraying aspects of the refurbishment in just three weeks.

Services Involved 

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