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The rebranding of this storage unit for this returning customer resulted in a stunning looking building that is modern and attractive to customers.

An external cladding refurbishment has been completed by our expert coatings team at St Helens for returning customer Storage Team.

Storage Team offer space to individuals and businesses to store items in secure units at a number of sites across the UK. We had recently refurbished one of their new sites in Gainsborough where they were moving into a unit that needed re-branding and the roof required refurbishment to take solar panels, a USP of their green offering to clients.

Storage Team have a striking brand image of modern grey cladding with a vibrant green accent colour to match their logo. It really makes their units stand out from all the rest and are instantly recognisable to passing customers.

Cladding Coatings
Cladding Coatings

On this site the brief for the walls was similar to Gainsborough, to rebrand the building to Storage Teams colours. Not only does this keep the building inline with their brand image but it refurbishes the deteriorating metal sheet cladding and provides and opportunity to repair any corrosion. The new finish extends the life of the building and provides long lasting protection.

When arriving on site our teams set to work preparing by ensuring health and safety risk assessments and method statements were in place. These are provided to the client as part of our service. That all equipment and materials are on site and made sure that the team knew the brief. Once ready the preparation of the cladding could begin.

All the metal cladding sheets are washed down using high pressured spray equipment to remove any debris and faking paint. On this project a surprise was in store. When cleaning the sheets, it revealed some severe corrosion to the cut edge at the top of the sheets at the gutter area. Our reactive team were able to act fast and repair this area before continuing with the planned work. It was treated to protect the sheet from further corrosion and before further deterioration made it worsen to the point replacement would be the only option. It was incredibly lucky for the client our teams were able to spot this hidden time bomb and treat it quickly as part of the works.

Cladding Coatings
Cladding Coatings

Our professional onsite paint sprayers proceeded to apply a primer and then a topcoat system to the property. The colours were matched exactly to their brand and to match the other buildings that they had rebranded, keeping the consistency that makes their brand work. We use a dry fall paint system which means any overspray turns to a fine powder that can be easily cleaned away, protecting cars in the adjoining car park and the surrounding environment.

Once the wall coating refurbishment was completed, our teams made sure that the site was left clear and tidy. All equipment was collected from site. Then a hand over could be made to the client. The client was really pleased with the work we had carried out and had peace of mind that with only minimal maintenance that the building would be secure and protected for over a decade.

Our wall and roof coating services come with a minimum guarantee of 10 years due to the high performing systems we use and the careful preparation and application by our experienced professional team.

Contact us to discuss your building if you are looking to rebrand or are looking for long term protection for your wall or roof cladding. We can offer a free no obligation quotation, free onsite colour samples and a free colour matching service. Our highly experienced surveyors can make recommendations for your property and ensure that we offer you the most appropriate systems and services to meet your needs.

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