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The roof refurbishment on this project required cut edge corrosion treatment, rooflight refurbishment and gutter lining.

An expert roof cladding refurbishment was carried out on this industrial unit for ultimate protection backed by a long-term guarantee.

Situated on an industrial estate on the outskirts of Warrington, Synertec enlisted the help of our expert cladding refurbishment team to deliver a roof cladding refurbishment project that would ensure the building is safe, secure and has a professional-looking finish.

Synertec Warrington Roof Refurbishment Complete

On-site surveys to establish a plan of action

With a building showing signs of wear and tear, Synertec knew that the building required some refurbishment, they got in touch with our team, and we conducted an on-site survey at their site in Warrington to establish precisely what work would be required. In addition to our usual on-site survey, Synertec asked us to conduct a drone survey as it was apparent that the roof and gutter were areas of concern.

A drone survey allows us to see all areas of a building that aren’t always visible from the ground. We record the drone footage in order to study the footage and come up with a detailed plan of works and review the footage whenever necessary. Mike Hallwood, our MD, is a certified drone pilot and can conduct a drone survey with very little equipment, so you can rest assured that disruption on site and to your operations will be minimal.

The drone survey at Synertec confirmed to our team that extensive refurbishment work was required on the roof cladding, rooflights and guttering. We produced a detailed quote to feedback to Synertec, and once everything was agreed upon, we were able to commence work on site.

As always, Cladding Coatings are committed to delivering all projects safely and with minimal disruption to our customers and their day to day business operations. Health and safety measures such as roof access were all considered and planned into our work so we could deliver the roof cladding refurbishment project safely and efficiently.

Trusted systems with long-term guarantees

The drone survey highlighted the roof cladding issues; it showed signs of deterioration that needed to be stopped in its tracks before it got any worse.

Our team decided to use Advantage Graphene, a familiar and trusted coating system from Alltimes Coatings, for the roof cladding refurbishment. The lightweight, UV resistant system forms a virtually impenetrable barrier, giving excellent protection against corrosion and rust.

All of our systems and services come backed by a minimum 10-year guarantee, and some systems carry an even longer product guarantee, reassuring you that all the work we complete is of the highest quality. The Advantage Graphene system from Alltimes Coatings comes with a 30-year guarantee, so you can be assured that your roof cladding refurbishment will stand the test of time.

Synertec Warrington Gutter Corrosion
Synertec Warrington cut edge treatment

The important finer details

While your roof is an essential part of your property that must be well maintained, there are other areas that you need to make sure are working correctly and aren’t showing signs of damage.

This was the case for Synertec as we found that the rooflights had deteriorated and needed replacing. We try to avoid replacement works, but occasionally some things are beyond refurbishment, and replacement becomes the only viable option. We replaced the rooflights for Synertec, giving them clean and clear rooflights that will let in natural light and will last for years to come.

Another detail that often gets overlooked is guttering, yet it is a vital part of your building that drains and diverts water away from your roof. A damaged, cracked and leaking gutter system could be causing issues for your wall and roof cladding. That is why it is essential to make sure it is correctly maintained. We used the trusted WeatherFOLD system to refurbish Synertec’s gutter system. The WeatherFOLD system comes with a 25-year guarantee giving you the reassurance that the system is of the highest quality. Once all debris had been cleaned and cleared from the guttering and the new system installed, water could drain efficiently from Synertec’s roof.

Synertec was pleased with the completed roof cladding refurbishment project and was happy knowing that the roof and gutter systems were now in correct working order, making the building safe and secure.

On this roof cladding refurbishment project, the drone survey helped us to quickly identify areas of concern on the roof and guttering without the need for access and safety equipment. This meant that our team were able to put together a thorough report and provide a fast quotation for our customer. If you would like to find out more about drone surveys, then get in touch with our friendly team.

If you have a roof cladding refurbishment project that you would like to tackle or any other building maintenance issue that you would like to discuss, get in touch with us today to request a free quote or to book your free on-site survey.

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