Synertec, Warrington

This industrial unit required a full roof refurbishment and re-coating to the rear wall cladding, including roller shutter doors. Our new 30 year system was used on the roof.

External wall cladding and roof refurbishment services were both called into action on this large industrial unit building recoating project in the Northwest.

Document control company Synertec pride themselves on their strong reputation, built since the turn of the century. Yet when they identified that their property in Warrington was suffering from external wall and roof cladding damage, they knew this reputation was at risk.

Assessing and understanding the work required

Synertec called on Cladding Coatings for our expert external wall cladding refurbishment and roof cladding refurbishment. Our team’s first task was to complete an on-site survey for our client. This allowed us to take an expert, objective and transparent view of the damage, so we could act quickly, appropriately and professionally.

As well as this complimentary survey, Synertec also asked our team to carry out a drone survey. They chose to invest in this, knowing their roof cladding and guttering systems were key areas of concern, and valuing the unrivalled view a drone survey can provide. Operated on licence by our MD Mike Hallwood, the drone survey recorded footage of the roof cladding, rooflights and guttering, which we reviewed to provide an accurate and detailed fast quote for the work. Synertec accepted our quote, and our external building maintenance work could begin.

Cladding Coatings
Cladding Coatings
Cladding Coatings

Roof refurbishment with added attention to detail

Our drone survey revealed that the roof cladding was suffering from deterioration. For roof cladding refurbishment, our team installed one our systems from our Alltimes Coatings paint portfolio: Advantage Graphene. It’s part of the Advantage portfolio, known and trusted for its results on metal roof cladding and its reliability.

Advantage Graphene was developed specifically to target corrosion and rust on metal roofs. As Graphene, which is stronger than steel, forms an almost completely impenetrable barrier, it is almost impossible for water and debris of even the smallest fragment to bypass the graphene. The result is a lightweight, UV resistant coating for ultimate building protection. Furthermore, the Advantage Graphene system is backed by a 30–year guarantee, giving you complete assurance in the longevity of your roof refurbishment.

Cladding Coatings

As well as the metal roof cladding, our team identified problems with the Synertec rooflights. They were badly damaged, and needed replacing. Whilst refurbishment and repair remain our target, we knew replacing the rooflights was vital for safety, cleanliness and clarity.

We also observed damage to our client’s roof guttering system. It was blocked by debris, which was preventing the water from draining effectively from the roof and risking a back log of water damage and accompanying roof cladding problems. There was also evidence of corrosion. To solve this, we re-lined the guttering using the WeatherFOLD system which comes with a 25-year guarantee. Once debris had been cleared and the WeatherFOLD system had been installed the water could once again flow smoothly and away from the roof.

External wall cladding coating with leading systems

Cladding Coatings

It was clear from our site survey that there was external wall cladding damage to the rear elevation, which looked tired and was ageing. To solve this, we turned to our tried and tested industry-leading paint systems, and recoated the metal wall cladding using Rust-Oleum Noxyde®. This paint system offers outstanding waterproofing properties and exceptional protection against corrosion. It’s also ideal for on-site spraying application, making installation efficient and with minimal disruption to on-site operations.

As well as installing Rust-Oleum Noxyde® to the external metal wall cladding, we also used the paint systems to recoat the roller shutter doors and building trims in a bold green. It’s a 200% flexible heavy-duty paint, with strong anti-flake properties designed to withstand heavy usage, such as the impact of large roller shutter doors, making it ideal for this project.

Cladding Coatings

Guaranteed peace of mind in a professional finish

Our work at Synertec was extensive. Yet the result was a clean, polished and professional façade finish for Synertec’s large industrial unit that matched their long-standing reputation, with a final appearance that both our team and our client can be proud of.

Of course, every part of the project, from external wall cladding refurbishment to rooflight repair, was backed by our minimum ten year guarantee. This gives our client and our team confidence in our capabilities and the longevity of their investment in work that truly brings their property back to life again.

To find out more about our cladding refurbishment services or to book your site survey, get in touch with a member of our friendly, experienced Cladding Coatings team today.

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