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The owner of this property was looking to tidy it up and update its exterior as it was due to be put on the market for sale. The transformation is amazing and makes the building attractive to buyers.

When you’re looking to sell or lease a property, making sure it’s in perfect condition is key.

One of our most recent clients knew this well and instructed us to recoat the wall cladding and window trims to prepare the property for a quick sale.

Supporting decision making with digital imagery

Cladding Coatings

To begin, we produced a digital mock-up for the client. This involved creating a visualisation of how the finished façade would look with the client’s chosen colour scheme applied.

All we needed to use was an image of the property. (This can be a photo taken by you, the client, and emailed to us, meaning no in-person contact or site visits are required for this service.)

Using the photo provided by the client and a strong understanding of their desired outcome, we discussed colour schemes and were able to apply colours virtually using the image.

This helped the client make decisions quickly and feel confident that the results would be right for them, speeding up processes and increasing peace of mind.

Learn more about digital mock-ups.

Smooth processes and paint application

The unit in question was an empty office and warehouse, meaning that we could get to work quickly and easily. There was no disruption to any operational hours and no concerns around proximity to staff, vehicles and contents, further increasing the efficiency with which could complete the job.

The client chose their colours: Anthracite Grey for the trims, with Goosewing Grey for the external wall cladding and window recoating. These colours were from one of our well-respected, tried and tested paint system portfolios, so we could confidently apply using well-honed methods.

As the unit was for sale, colour-matching wasn’t key here. However, it was essential to ensure the finish was professional, so the unit looked welcoming on the market for sale. The colours gave a little variety yet a clean and polished finish suitable to any potential buyer.

Cladding Coatings

Appealing finish for a unit for sale

Before and after images are a great comparison to show the effect of our building refurbishment work.

The first image before our team got to work on site shows a dull, tired unit with an old-fashioned external colour.

The second image presents a clean, modern property that looks appealing to the potential buyer.

Clean and polished façade finishes show a property is well-cared for and attracts interest when placed on the market for sale.

Cladding Coatings

If you are looking to sell a unit, get in touch with our team. We can offer digital mock-ups, free of charge surveys and quotations, and a polished finish with cladding recoated and repainted to attract a buyer quickly.

We can provide quotes and carry out work fully compliant with social distancing guidelines and with safety front of mind.

Find out more about how we’re operating here.

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