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Sheffield-based tool manufacturer Technicut called in Cladding Coatings to transform two tired buildings that required expert attention.

Double Building Refurbishment

Sheffield-based tool manufacturer Technicut called in Cladding Coatings to transform two tired buildings that required expert attention. The buildings in question are located a small distance apart on a busy industrial estate in Sheffield.

Technicut is the market leader of rotary cutting tools for the aerospace industry. The company has two units in the centre of Sheffield that had become subject of maintenance neglect; they were showing serious signs of wear, including heavily-flaking paint. Technicut were aware of these issues, and identified that the faded painted cladding was beginning to worsen. At this point, Cladding Coatings were called in to assist.

The Cladding Coatings team attended the site to access the situation and advise on the need for refurbishment. When we arrived on-site, we discovered that both buildings were at the same stage of deterioration. The exterior was half metal clad and half masonry; the brickwork was fine and had been left in good condition.

The cladding itself was also well kept; however, it was the paint that this cladding had been coated in that had begun to peel away from the façade. In other areas of the building, the paint had also lost its colour: most likely caused by weathering and the sun’s bleaching rays. The client was aware this problem made their buildings look unsightly but also knew that, without repair work, these issues would only worsen and larger-scale, more costly, replacement work would be their only option.

Cladding Coatings assessed every area of the building. We discovered, just as the client had suspected, that the area that required refurbishment was the external cladding. We recommended our on-site spraying service to Technicut, which would re-coat the cladding with a protective paint system in the colour of their choice. The refurbishment also included painting the roller shutter doors. Technicut happily agreed to this scheme of work.

Taking one unit at a time, the renovation began. As always, our first port of call was to clean the external cladding to produce a clean, fresh and prepared surface ready for the paint to be applied. This not only removes the dirt but also any flaking paint. Once this had been removed the new paint system could be applied to the façade. The colour the client selected was a pigeon blue to coincide with their branding. As the clad area of the facade was at the top of the buildings, we used a scissor lift to spray the coating system onto the walls.

We applied the coating twice to each building to ensure an even, well-coated exterior that would protect the cladding against weathering, ageing and corrosion.  One of the buildings was a larger size than the other, thus taking a little longer to complete. However, both units were fully renovated and completed on time and to the high expectations of our client, Technicut.

Services Involved 

Onsite spraying

Roller shutter doors

Gutter coating

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