Tegiwa, Stoke-on-Trent

This project was more than a straight forward re-spray, our team needed to use all their expertise to ensure that the refurbishment was completed to the highest quality and there was no disruption to the business operations.

Working around high-value stock is something we’re used to at Cladding Coatings when working on commercial painting projects. So we knew attention to detail and complete care would be top of the list when were instructed by a client, Tegiwa in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

Cladding Coatings

The job required careful project management alongside trusted paint systems for a cladding coating façade finish that matches the client’s professional and polished reputation.

Exceptional care for high-value property

Our Tegiwa external building refurbishment work is a great example of why you need expert eyes on a project. At first glance, it seemed like a small project, requiring on-site spraying of just two elevations. Yet careful project management was needed due to the exceptionally high value of the expensive cars all around the site.

Due to the position of the vehicles, additional care was absolutely vital. Thanks to our years of experience we knew, therefore, that the job would probably take a little longer than expected. We were right: we needed to stop and start the work at regular intervals to ask owners to move their cars a little further away from the property. It was time-consuming, but crucial. Completing a high-standard of finish with zero damage, however minor, to any part of any clients’ building or property is the utmost priority for us, every time.

Trusted paint systems and final finishes

Our initial site survey identified the elevations in need of our commercial painting and onsite spraying work. We were pleased to deliver a quote the same day following survey, and the client accepted our wall cladding refurbishment proposal.

For the two elevations in most need of our expert attention, we installed our tried, tested and trusted 10-year Rust-Oleum Noxyde® system to Tegiwa’s wall cladding. The paint system is perfect for onsite spraying thanks to its waterproofing and 200% elasticity properties, as well as its excellent corrosion protection. In fact, it’s one we’ve used for automotive industry clients before, such as for the Tesla car showroom in Leeds.

Taking care of details for specifier peace of mind

This commercial painting job covered the front and gable elevation and all associated downspouts. Yet no detail was left unfinished. There was minor external building repair work needed to the rear elevation and the client also required the front vent removing.

We included any extractor fans that needed attention on the elevations in question, and paint in any non-metallic colour that the client chose. Of course, our thorough and transparent approach to quotes means that all the access we would require was covered by the costs too. This provides project managers, specifiers and surveyors with full peace of mind that there’ll be no hidden surprises along the way.

Every onsite spraying project we carry out has its own unique challenges. This one certainly provided us with lots of interest: fitting our work around expensive cars! Yet whatever the challenge, our team never shy away: giving you complete peace of mind when commissioning an onsite spraying project with Cladding Coatings.

Find out more about our commercial painting services and chat to a member of our experienced team about your project requirements today.

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