Tesla Car Showroom, Leeds, West Yorkshire

The newly acquired showroom for Tesla required re-coating, with the external elevations needing to match the Tesla branding.

The newly refurbished car showroom is situated in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Tesla acquired the unit to expand their presence in the Leeds area. They currently have a showroom in the Leeds-Victoria Quarter in the city centre, however, with the growing interest in the brand Tesla required new premises.

They acquired a unit in Hunslet, just south of Leeds city centre. The unit was previously used as a car show room by Land Rover – meaning little work had to be done on the structure of the premises. However, a full external refurbishment was needed to transform the façade from the previous Land Rover branding to Tesla.

The building was in good condition and had been maintained well, so cladding and external repairs were not required – just the respraying. Before the work began, the unit had a two colour exterior, with the walls of the unit painted white, and some overlaid cladding panels in a light brown. These overlaid panels were attached to the wall cladding, to give a raised wooden effect. These were removed during the renovation, leaving a bare surface of the cladding. This was removed during the first stage of the refurbishment, along with the old Land Rover signage.

The building was a combination of both masonry and cladding with the cladding area at the upper part of the external wall. The next stage involved a full clean of all the surfaces; this included both the masonry and the cladding. The surface was now a clean, smooth face, ready for the on-site spraying. The brickwork was not coated during the refurbishment, re-coating was carried out on the clad elevations, gutters, doors, frames and roof.

The Cladding Coatings team arrived onsite ready to respray the unit. We protected the brick walls, so they did not get any paint overspray and of course took precautions regarding the surrounding area, to ensure no damage was caused to the environment. For this project, our on-site spraying service was used to re-coat the surface with the new colour scheme.

The Noxyde system we used, produces a protective and waterproof coating and comes with a 10-year protection guarantee. The colour selected was a dark grey, to match Tesla’s brand colours. The system was applied using our onsite spraying services, which provides an even and uniform finish. This provided the car showroom with a clean and attractive exterior which is appealing and eye catching to the public – an essential element due to its busy location.

Once our on-site spraying was complete, the new Tesla signage could be placed, and the full refurbishment was then complete. The new tenants were overjoyed with their new car showroom and were looking forward to the grand opening.

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