The Arrow Trading Estate, Manchester

A large unit on the Arrow Industrial Estate has been one of our latest professional on-site spraying projects

The Arrow Trading Estate in Manchester is a small but busy industrial estate, located on the outskirts of the city. The trading estate houses several industrial buildings, many that are occupied by businesses, but some the are vacant and looking for new occupants. The area is essentially made up of large buildings which are split into separate units, each of which are the home to individual businesses. One of these large units has recently undergone a fully Cladding Coatings refurbishment, after the landlord called us in to help transform the unit.

The clad building is the residence of several small businesses, the landlord of this property spotted that the building had become unappealing and had a build up of dirt and residue due to a lack of maintenance. The problem was primarily the walls of the building, which had begun to discolor and stain, the once white surface was yellowing and becoming patchy. Both the tenants and the landlord wanted to address the issue not only to help improve the buildings appearance but prevent further deterioration from occurring.

Cladding Coatings came to the site and surveyed the property. Despite the paint colour deterioration, the cladding itself was still in good condition, however it was apparent that this good quality would not remain in tack if the buildings face was not protected. Our expert team recommended a full on-site spraying service to rejuvenate the exterior, protecting and beautifying the walls. Which is exactly what we were asked to do.

Work soon began and after ensuring a safe and protected working area, we firstly washed down the walls with our professional cladding cleaning service. This service ensured a bare, smooth surface prepared for the paint spraying, it removes all dirt or loose paint chippings. Once the walls were completely cleaned down and smooth, we could then begin the on-site spraying process. Our tried and tested paint solution is Noxyde by Rust-Oleum. The system is a highly protective and resistant coating that we have proven to last up to 10 years. 2 coats were sprayed onto the walls in a crystal white colour, a neutral colour choice to accommodate all businesses within the building. The job was then completed by coating the doors, gutters and trims with a deep blue shade, to give an extra aesthetically pleasing effect. The spraying of the walls was a mixture of cladding and masory, all painted in the matching white producing a full and even surface.

The finished result saw both a very happy client and happy tenants, all of whom how have a well protected, clean and attractive building they can be proud of.

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