The Pizza Oven Shop, Knaresborough

A full refurbishment of the roof, walls, doors, windows and railings was carried out at this showroom, providing and outstanding external finish.

This large industrial unit needed a full external cladding painting and refurbishment to transform its exterior.

Our customer contacted us to see how we could help transform their building and help it stand out for the right reasons.

Situated in the picturesque spa town of Knaresborough, the large unit which houses The Pizza Oven Shop required a complete external cladding painting and refurbishment to smarten up its appearance.

Initially, the Cladding Coatings team visited the site to conduct a free on-site survey to assess the condition of the building and provide an accurate quote for our customer. Upon visiting the site, it was clear that a full external refurbishment of the walls, roof, windows, doors, and railings would be necessary to improve the aesthetics of the building and ensure that it would be safe and secure to protect and house business operations, staff and visitors.

In addition to the free on-site survey, we also conducted a drone survey. The drone survey allows us to see areas of the building which aren’t usually visible from the ground or easy to access safely. It allows us to gain roof access without the need for aerial platforms and other roof safety equipment. The drone survey process is quick and efficient. We record the drone footage, which allows us to revisit certain areas and provide you with a fast and accurate quote.

We also provided a digital mock up of the large site, this enabled the client to select the colour scheme most suited to the building.

Cladding Coatings

Expert roof refurbishment for a well-protected building

It was clear from the survey that the roof required our expert cladding painting and refurbishment services. The roof of any building must be correctly maintained to ensure its safety. Areas of deterioration should be addressed as soon as possible so that the issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Before starting the cladding painting work on the roof, we installed the ManSafe® Fall Arrest system to ensure that our team could connect to the system and work safely at height when working on the roof. We are always conscious of health and safety when working on any site and endeavour to protect our team and your site’s visitors and staff.

Roofs bare the brunt of all of the varied and harsh weather we can sometimes encounter here in the UK. That is why they need to be performing to optimal standards. We elected to use one of our trusted, high-performance paint systems on this roof. The system is hard-wearing and provides excellent rust and waterproofing properties making it an ideal solution for roof coating.

Guttering is vital for draining water away from your building and in particular draining water away from your roof so that it doesn’t pool and damage the metal cladding. When reviewing the drone footage that we had gathered of the roof, we also became aware that the guttering on the unit was underperforming and showing signs of wear. We elected to install a new guttering system to ensure the gutters would be free of debris and would allow water to drain away from the property successfully.

Cladding Coatings

Walls, windows, and door coating for a consistent finish

It wasn’t only the roof on this unit that required our cladding painting skills and expertise. The walls, windows and doors did too. We also re-painted the railings at the entrances to finish the entire look.

Once again, we chose to use a trusted paint system from our portfolio of high-performance paint systems for the wall cladding painting. Similar to the roof, it was vital that we chose a durable system that provided excellent corrosion protection. The windows and doors also required recoating to give a clean and consistent finish across the large unit.

Previously the building’s colour scheme was grey and red, and now, the unit has a fresh and modern looking exterior with the walls recoated in a light grey colour and the and the windows, doors and gutter system coated in a darker grey.

Cladding Coatings
Cladding Coatings

Selecting colour schemes for your building can be a difficult task. That is why we have services such as digital visualisation, colour matching and on-site samples to help ensure you get the colours right.

Situated in such a historical, picturesque spa town and close by to a residential area, it was important that this unit was in keeping with its surroundings and didn’t stand out for the wrong reasons. Our client was extremely pleased with the overall finish of the unit.

All the systems and services we provide are backed by a minimum 10-year guarantee giving you the ultimate peace of mind that your refurbished building will look good and perform well for years to come. Some of our high-performance refurbishment systems have even longer product guarantees. You can read more about our systems here.

If you have a question and want to know more about our cladding painting services and systems, then get in touch with us. Alternatively, if you would like to book your free on-site survey, give us a call on 0161 626 3493 or request a free quote here.

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