Think Hire, Oldham

The roof and wall caldding on this building received a full refurbishment including the rooflights, gutters and cut edge corrosion treatment.

This extensive project included roof access system installation, roof coating, guttering and rooflight replacement, and wall cladding coating as part of a full scheme of building refurbishment work.

Based in Oldham, Think Hire lead the way in plant and machinery hire using renewable energy. Designing and providing equipment from their own site, they knew it was imperative their building performed properly to keep their products safe and operations smooth.

With Cladding Coatings on hand, Think Hire could rest assured everything was taken care of with an experienced team using industry-leading systems. To deliver, we followed a carefully planned scheme of work, backed by health and safety commitments and the Cladding Coatings expertise.

Cladding Coatings

Stage one: access and installation

No Cladding Coatings project begins without a thorough health and safety assessment that keeps our team and your colleagues safe. At Think Hire, we began by installing an access tower to the roof.

Then, we installed a new, permanent man safe system to the roof. Known as the 3M™ DBI-SALA® RoofSafe Anchor and Cable System, it allows continuous, hands-free access to the roof with a fall protection system. Installing the RoofSafe system saved our client time and money and improved safety, so we could complete the work with greater efficiency. What’s more, installing a permanent feature meant the anchor points remain on the roof for hassle-free future maintenance.

Cladding Coatings

Stage two: rooflight replacement

Once safe access was secured, we could begin replacing all the GRP rooflights. This was crucial to significantly improve the amount and quality of natural light entering the building. To do this, we began by taking off the old, damaged rooflights, carefully stripping away the existing outer skin and removing the materials from site.

Next, we cleaned the top surface of the inner rooflight, removing all traces of dirt and dust to provide a brighter, smarter finish for the new lights. Then, we were ready to fit the new GRP translucent rooflights, which we’d sourced and supplied to Think Hire. This included new poppy-red coloured fixings and sealants, making sure our client’s preferred colour scheme was followed down to the finishing touches – staying true to the attention to detail we pride ourselves on.

Stage three: gutter replacement

The eaves gutters on both sides of Think Hire’s building needed replacing. A combination of wear and tear and limited maintenance meant the guttering system was unable to properly divert water away from the roof, causing damaging water build-up.

Carefully, we stripped away the existing gutters, removing them from site alongside any debris. Then we supplied and fitted new, purpose-made Plastisol coated steel gutters in their place. This included providing and installed all brackets, fittings and fixings, forming gutter outlets into existing rainwater downpipes for a comprehensive and full-functioning replacement guttering system.

Cladding Coatings

Stage four: roof coating

It was then time to return to the roof itself for the roof coating stage of the project. Using the previously installed RoofSafe system, we could quickly and securely access the roof and install our leading Cladding Coatings’ 15-year guaranteed system to all metal roof surfaces. Exceeding our minimum guarantee of 10-years for all our work and paint systems, this 15-year system provided added peace of mind for Think Hire.

Not only did it deliver on its guarantee, but the system was also suitable for treating the cut-edge corrosion on the roof. The damage caused by the metal cladding edging deteriorating and peeling back meant the roof wasn’t watertight in parts. Yet applying our leading cut-edge corrosion treatment repairs the damage and reduces the risk of further problems.

Our roof coating process also meant the roof was ready for solar panel installation. This ensured Think Hire’s roof was ready to receive solar panels, if they choose, confident their roof in the perfect condition for a successful installation.

Cladding Coatings
Cladding Coatings

Stage five: wall coating and external decoration

Once we’d completed the work on the property’s roof, we finalised the project by expertly attending to the unit’s walls. For this wall cladding coating stage, we again installed a 15-year leading Cladding Coatings’ system, this time to all metal cladded walls, combining quality systems and experienced application methods.

After the wall coating step, we turned to the final flourishes. This included preparing and painting all flashings, trims and drip cills to ensure a consistent aesthetic and high performance throughout the unit.

Last but not least, we attended to the windows and doors. Window coating is not only a final attention to detail, but also maintains the frames carefully to avoid long-term damage and expensive window frame replacement. We prepared and resprayed 14 windows, two double doors and external window shutters, making sure every inch of the property the client had considered was covered.

This was a multi-stage project, yet one we’re proud has resulted in a thorough, property-wide repair and refurbishment scheme – carried out with only the utmost expertise and Cladding Coatings’ industry-leading guaranteed systems for safety and professional presentation.

Whether you need our help with a single stage of refurbishment or a full scale roof and wall cladding coatings and repair project, our friendly team would be delighted to help with a free initial site survey. Contact us for more information.

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