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New metal cladding refurbishment

  • Project: Toyvend
  • Location: Rugby
  • Services : On-site Spraying
  • Colour & System: Rust Oleum Noxyde in Green / Yellow
  • Year: 2018
  • Building Type: Warehouse

Toyvend, Rugby

The once vibrant building home to Toyvend in Rugby had been left in decline due to lack of ongoing maintenance. Luckily, our professional on-site spraying service was the answer to the tenant’s problems.

In April 2018, our Cladding Coatings team travelled to Rugby to restore the 20,000 square metre despatch warehouse for vending company Toyvend. Toyvend has established itself as the UK’s leading supplier of quality vending machines and related stock, including toys, bouncy balls, bubble gum, and bulk confectionery. 1000s of products are despatched every day from their busy warehouse.

The military green colour the building was once painted in matched the company’s branding perfectly. With bright yellow trims around the corners of the building, it was once an eye-catching, attractive warehouse. However, years of weathering and the harsh effects of natural ageing caused the metal cladding paint to fade. The tenants wanted it brightening back to its former glory, so asked for our expert advice on how to carry out a building transformation.

Our team arrived onsite, ready to examine the unit. The building itself is half brickwork and half metal cladding. The masonry was immaculate and did not need any treatment, and as this had not been painted in the past it was just the metal cladding that required our attention. Upon inspecting the cladding, we identified that the metal itself was also in a good condition: it wasn’t showing any signs of wear or corrosion, and it was simply the paint coating that had deteriorated. The paint had begun to fade due to the different weather conditions it had been subjected to e.g. sun bleaching and heavy rainfall. Our solution to this was a fresh coat of highly-protective paint, which would revamp the building and bring life back into the façade.

Happy with our recommendation, Toyvend gave the go-ahead for an external refurbishment of their industrial unit. The first stage of any refurbishment involves façade cleaning using our high-powered cladding cleaning service. This is the initial service were carry out before repainting to produce a clean, bare surface ready to be painted on. Once the cleaning was complete, we could begin our recoating of the building. Choosing a similar green colour to the original shade, we used a Noxyde system by Rust-Oleum on the external elevations, coating the walls twice with this highly-protective paint.

As well as the walls, the trims and window panes of the building were also repainted with this protective system; however, these were a bright, vibrant yellow shade, which gave the building a unique and identifiable appearance. The two colours selected by the client matched their company branding perfectly, meaning the signage looked great against the newly-refurbished buildings.

Our on-site spraying was carried out on this building, transforming the painted metal clad walls and giving the facade a fresh and beautified look – backed by our 10-year guarantee.

If your building has faded painted cladding, or you just want to give your façade a facelift, invite us to your premises to carry out a FREE, no obligation site survey.

Services Involved 

On-site Spraying

Wall Coating

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