Trust Ford, Car Showroom, Castleford

Another car showroom refurbishment project is now complete after the full external and internal re-coating of the Ford garage in Castleford.

The Trust Ford car showroom in Castleford was in a poor condition after a lack of regular maintenance. Ford knew the building was beginning to look unsightly, which was particularly concerning due to the showroom’s prime central location. The building is situated in a busy area of the town, where traffic is always at a high and it is situated adjacent to a major motorway. Whilst it is important the showroom looks appealing to these passers-by, the pollution from the cars may have contributed to the deterioration.

The showroom had begun to suffer from paint fading and wear due the weathering, ageing and pollution caused by the nearby traffic. Many areas of the cladding had also began to fail, and small cracks and holes were appearing on the façade. The landlords were aware this problem would only worsen overtime if not dealt with quickly, which is when Cladding Coatings were appointed.

Our Assistant Contracts Manager, Jake, arrived onsite with our specialist team and carried out a full examination of the building, surveying the internal and external façade for any damages, areas of corrosion, any concerning areas and refurbishment requirements. From this, we were able to produce a site survey with an in-depth report on the issues concerning the building and our solutions to tackle them. Ford accepted the recommendations and renovation work began on the site.

It was agreed that the external walls were to be refurbished first; this involved a cladding repair service and on-site painting, including on the roller shutter doors and guttering. Following on from this, we were also instructed to carry out an internal refurbishment of the beams of the windows. Although the interior had been well-maintained and wasn’t in a poor condition, the client wanted us to carry out a full refurbishment, so all maintenance was carried out at the same time.

We started with the exterior. Step one was to power-wash all the façade, leaving a bare surface to be painted. Before we could paint the walls, we need to fill in the gaps, cracks and holes that were identified in the site survey. These were filled with a robust, protective system that would prevent water entering the building, causing further damages. This system, once set, could be easily painted on, which would allow for an even-looking finish to the building.

The re-painting for this project was slightly different to the normal process we carry out. In this instance we used rollers to apply our coating system, rather than the paint being sprayed on. This was solely due to the client being a car showroom, and the number of cars present: we didn’t want any excess spray to damage these cars.

Some areas of the building had slight corrosion issues: the piping at the back of the building had began to leak, leaving a rust stain down the wall. Although this wasn’t a functionality issue, it was certainly a very unsightly problem and a concern of the landlord. We ensured this area was fully coated, covering the stain completely so it could no longer be seen by the public.

One area that needed particular attention was the car wash at the rear of the building. Excess dirt from the cars had clung onto the walls of the building and had made them quite grimy. Again, although this did not damage the cladding in any way, the appearance of the building was spoiled. We needed to do a deep-clean of this area before coating, ensuring all dirt had been removed before the new paint was applied. Thankfully, our highly-protective paint systems help prevent dirt from clinging to the walls, which means residue build-up will no longer be an issue in this area.

The building had a two-tone colour system prior to refurbishment: a white wall with a upper grey border. During the refurbishment the border was removed, leaving just one clean, even, light grey colour for the full exterior. The once-blue roller shutter doors were sanded down, removing the flaking paint, and then painted the same grey colour system to match and blend with the walls.

Once the external façade was completed and the full building refurbished to a beautified and protective colour, we moved inside. The window panels and panes, although in good condition, were in need of a colour revamp. The once-blue internal panelling was now transformed using the light grey used outside. The paint was carefully applied to avoid catching the windows, and the interior of the building now perfectly matches the outside.

Due to the scale of this job, this project took around six weeks to complete, with five of our specialists working tirelessly on the project. Despite the size of the building, the project was completed on time and to the extremely high standards and expectations of both ourselves and our clients. Yet another car showroom refurbished by us at Cladding Coatings. Why not book your showroom in for a FREE site survey? See how we can transform your building.

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