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Tuffnells Parcel Express, Lancashire

The well-known parcel delivery firm Tuffnells Parcel Express acquired their new depot in Darwen near Blackburn. The site was formally used by competitor Night Freight which made the set up perfect for Tuffnells although the blue brand colour scheme was not. Tuffnells wanted to brand the site quickly with their own colour scheme of Dublin Green.

Cladding Coatings Limited were invited to do the work to change the appearance, re-branding it to Tuffnell’s scheme. The site included metal wall cladding, fascias and loading doors. All which were in relatively good condition as the main reason for coating was the colour scheme and not for their repair. The order was placed with Cladding Coatings for this first site with a further two to come later.

Cladding Coatings started the work on site and completed within 7 working days. Most of the work on this site took place between the hours of 8.30am and 4pm when the vehicles were out delivering their parcels. Outside these times the site was much busier and workers needed good access through the loading doors. As we try to work around our clients and not disrupt their operations we used these quiet times to complete much of the work.

The doors were spray painted in the Dublin Green using our brand new state of the art Air Assisted Airless spray equipment which gives a superior finish. We used a cherry picker to access the higher areas of the cladding and fascias.

Tuffnells where so pleased they have now since placed 2 further orders and we look forward to this partnership continuing in the future.

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