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Dutchwest Distribution, Haltwhistle, Northumberland

  • Project: Dutchwest Distribution
  • Location: Haltwhistle, Northumberland
  • Building Type: Industrial
  • Colour & System : Noxyde Green/Blue
  • Year: 2018

Dutchwest Distribution, Haltwhistle

In October 2018, the Cladding Coatings team completed a wall cladding recoating project for a new client based in the far north of the UK.

Dutchwest Distribution Ltd are a UK company based in Haltwhistle, Northumberland. They offer a wide range of Philips Consumer goods, including consumer electronics, home lighting and domestic appliances, as well as spare parts and accessories.

As they stock and store a wide variety of (often expensive) consumer parts, Dutchwest Distribution Ltd understood the importance of protecting their building. Wall cladding decline is not only an aesthetic concern. Damaged wall cladding can cause cracks and openings to appear in a building façade; though these may seem small, they still allow rainwater to enter the property. Therefore, it is crucial to identify and repair through expert wall cladding recoating before the problem worsens, and results in expensive and disruptive cladding replacement work.

Aware that external damage and wear could lead to internal problems, Dutchwest Distribution Ltd knew it was vital to ensure their building was fully maintained to protect their valuable and extensive product stock. Initially, they invited the Cladding Coatings team to visit the site to provide a thorough assessment of the property. After providing a detailed review of requirements, Dutchwest Distribution Ltd provided the go-ahead and the project began.

We installed our 10-year Noxyde system to the wall cladding. Noxyde is a water-based paint that provides unrivalled corrosion protection. It creates a flexible, elastic, rust-inhibitive membrane, which prevents water seeping through breaks in the paint when it expands and contracts. For a building that houses such valuable stock, such as Dutchwest Distribution Ltd’s property, this is a vital benefit and an essential consideration for our team when choosing a system for recoating. The 10-year guarantee that accompanies our use of the Noxyde system gives Dutchwest Distribution Ltd an increased peace of mind and provides great assurance of the durability of our work.

In addition to the work preventing damage to the property’s valuable interior, we helped the client to select colours that would present a polished and clean façade finish. We covered the full perimeter of the building exterior in the client’s choice of green, and recoated the loading door in blue: remaining on-brand and fitting a bespoke colour-scheme as requested. We ensured the finish was professional, clean and delivered an excellent first impression.

The project took only one week to complete, resulting in minimal disruption to day-to-day operations. The combined accuracy and speed of the project was enhanced by our use of Noxyde, which is a dry fall system. This means that, once sprayed and airborne, the particles rapidly become dry powder, increasing speed of finish and reducing risk of overspray on nearby areas.

Our wall cladding coating expertise and innovative systems protect your building both inside and out. Ask our friendly team today how we can help refurbish and recoat your property façade, preventing damage to stock and delivering a professional exterior.

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