Wincheap Retail Park, Canterbury

The roof of a unit on a busy retail park required extensive refurbishment to ensure it was protected and looking good.

This previously owned unit needed a rebrand as well as extensive roof and wall cladding coating to safely restore the property and match our high expectations.

Taking over a property previously occupied by a household name brand is a big undertaking. Thankfully, our Cladding Coatings team were on hand to help to transform a former Argos site, removing traces of the brand’s colourways and making the unit safe and secure.

Our team headed down to Canterbury following an extensive free site survey to assess the property’s condition, arriving fully equipped to tackle the project, which required three major stages: roof cladding coating, gutter cleaning and coating, and wall cladding coating.

Cladding Coatings

Creating the right first impression

Naturally, a cladding company like us understands how crucial it is that impressions match name and expectations. So there was a significant amount of work required to the unit, which was showing signs of deterioration and damage.

This was even more important given the prominent position of the unit, next to Boots on a retail site with high traffic, close to the famous city of Canterbury as well as next to a busy motorway route. Therefore, it was vital the former Argos unit didn’t appear tired and show signs of the old brand, thus losing its appeal for its next tenant.

Roof cladding coating and repair

Our first task on site was to install Cladding Coatings proprietary 15-year system to the roof. This covered an extensive 900m2 area, which also required cut-edge corrosion treatment.

Cut-edge corrosion, when the metal edging of the cladding deteriorates and peels back, potentially allowing water and the elements to enter, and damage, the property, causes significant damage if left untreated. So we tackled this with one of the leading systems in our portfolio, Giromax.

Giromax is one of our long-trusted, tried and tested systems with impressive UV and corrosion resistant properties. Thanks to these technologies and our expert application, the Giromax cut-edge corrosions treatment we applied is accompanied by a 15-year insurance backed warranty for long-term peace of mind.

Cladding Coatings

Gutter cleaning and coating

Next, we moved on to the guttering systems. All 125 linear metres required attention, as it was failing to perform properly and protect the property. This was due to a build-up of debris, which had naturally accumulated over time but had not been thoroughly cleaned – so the water wasn’t being suitably diverted from the property’s roof.

Our gutter cleaning and coating work uses leading systems and is backed by a guarantee. Take a look at how guttering system repair and refurbishment works and the types of systems we use here.

Wall cladding coating

Last but not least, we turned our attention to the walls, which needed full wall cladding coating. We used a suitable system on all 115m2 of the building’s wall cladding. This required our wall cladding coating expertise, starting with full cleaning and cladding surface preparation before applying the industry-leading system to the extent of the elevation.

Of course, the wall cladding coating system came accompanied by our minimum ten-year guarantee on our work – both system used and application methods – giving our clients complete long-term peace of mind.

Rebranding an old unit, especially when the former tenant was a household name, is key to make it attractive to new tenants. Within this, a well-presented, visually appealing and, of course, safe and secure property, achieved through expert wall and roof repair and refurbishment, is crucial.
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