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10 top tips for a great looking building


Having your building looking great is vitally important to providing a good image for your business. Although it seems easy to do in theory, its often difficult to know how to go about it or what makes buildings look attractive. Here at Cladding Coatings we specialise in the external and internal refurbishment of commercial buildings, due to our experience and expertise we have a pretty good indication on what can help make your building look its best.

1. Repair that flaking cladding – ageing and weathering can have a damaging effect of the appearance of your painted cladding. The change in weather and temperature can flake the paint from your cladding leaving it unsightly and off putting. We can remove the old damaged paint, and re-coat the cladding using our specialist on site spraying system. It will revive your cladding, making it look good as new and protecting it for 10 years!


Dukeries Onsite Sample

2. Choose the right colour – if you are wanting to re-coat your building, you will want to choose the right colour. Depending on your location and branding will determine which colours are right for you. Buildings on busy main roads should stay away from whites, not only can they be blinding in the sunshine but also the busy traffic and cause a lot of dirt to be built up – leaving your building both unclean and unpleasant to look at. We have a wide range of colours, and are always happy to do colour tests to see which is best for you, will match your branding and make your building look great.

3. Don’t forget the doors – the doors are the gateway to your building, they are often the first and last thing staff and customers will see, so make sure they look great in order to leave a positive lasting impression!


Parcelforce aberdeen sheet corrosion4. Repair your corrosion before it’s too late – weather can also cause issues with cut edge corrosion, which can cause the building to have cracks and leaks. We carry out cut edge corrosion repairs, using a specialist system to seal up the cracks and protect the building from future corrosion damage for 10 years. Leaving the corrosion too long can damage the cladding beyond refurbishment, meaning the only option for repair is cladding replacement – the far more expensive option.


5. Let there be light – if your building has roof lights, use them! We can clean the dirt from your roof lights allowing the sunshine to brighten up the inside of your building once again.


Littlehampton Sports Hall Guttering6. Gut those gutters – all gutters get blocked from time to time, but to help restrict the chance of damage, it’s important to care for and unblock your gutters each year. Leaving them unattended can cause damage to the guttering and roof – so treat them before it is too late.


7. Look after the head of the building – your roof can be repaired and refurbished just like your walls can. We can clean, paint and repair both industrial and liquid roofs, giving them a longer life span and of course making them more easy on the eye.


8. Over-branding Branding – It’s great to have branding on your buildings – shop name and logos are vital for people to identify you. But don’t overdo it. Often having one sign or logo is enough for recognition of your building, having too many can often leave your building looking cluttered, untidy and have the adverse effect of recognition. Keep it simple!


9. Internal counts too – don’t forget internal decoration is just as important as external for leaving a good impression. So make sure your floor is nicely coated and easy to walk and work on. Hardwearing floors become damaged overtime due to large amounts of footfall and heavy machinery, so re-coating them to not just make them look more attractive but also resurfacing them is an easy step to take to protect your internal floor.


Cleaning Cladding10. Keep it clean – it is inevitable your building will become dirty overtime, so just like you wash your car, you must keep up with washing your building too.

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