Building & Guttering Maintenance

Peace of mind & cost savings with a maintenance agreement for your building. Cladding Coating’s building & guttering maintenance can transform your shopfront.

As with most big purchases or investments in order to maintain the value and protect our investment we must ensure the upkeep and that any issues are dealt with quickly. However, surprisingly few business owners think about the maintenance of their building and its guttering systems – That is until it becomes in a state of disrepair or worst case a problem arises.

Expensive repair costs can typically be avoided by arranging a maintenance contract with Cladding Coatings, which will include regular and comprehensive review and repair of your buildings exterior and the guttering system.

We offer a planned maintenance contract which will give complete peace of mind and includes; building inspection, cladding cleaning, guttering cleaning and recommendations of repairs that will prevent corrosion or disrepair escalating at a later date.

A maintenance contract will ensure that we act on any issues we find promptly rather than waiting for a problem to arise that maybe detrimental to your business in some way and of course the repair bills that will follow.

We will agree a maintenance schedule with you to work around your business, our staff are fully trained and can complete most maintenance visits without the need to interrupt you or your business allowing you to continue business as usual.

We use a range of cleaning methods for both cladding and guttering cleaning depending on your type of building, ensuring that your premises remain as new and portraying the professional appearance your business demands for customers and suppliers visiting your company.

Typically maintenance visits take place twice each year but this is determined in advance and depends on your premises type, our customer services team will contact you to arrange a convenient time before our team attends site.

After each visit we will provide a report of our findings and the work we have completed, making recommendations of any remedial work and the time scales we suggest they should be done in. This allows you to budget for such repairs rather than needing to find the funds quickly when a problem arises.

If you feel your business would benefit from a Building Maintenance Contract with Cladding Coatings then please contact a member of the team today for a no obligation quotation. We will give you the confidence and reassurance that the upkeep of your building is in good hands, today and into the future.

Read more about our guttering maintenance services here.

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