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Cladding Failures

Over time cladding will become damaged and deteriorate, weathering and ageing will leave the cladding cracked and peeling as well as discolouring the coating. Both metal and wooden cladding can experience failure for various reasons, weathering and ageing are a large factors in cladding’s life span. Harsh rain followed by boiling sun can cause many coatings to crack over time, and of course freezing temperatures have a large negative impact on the conditions of the coating as well. Weathering will not only crack and peel the coatings but will also discolour the coatings too. The sun and UV rays wear away the once fresh colour over the years, leaving the paint ‘bleached’ by the light. Cladding coatings can re-spray your tired looking coatings and offer a 10 year guarantee with our service. Depending on the wear of your building, we will select the perfect re-coating system to bring your cladding back to life.

It’s not just wall coatings that are subject to weathering, roof coatings are also at risk. Where panels overlap on the roof, over time become cracked and being to peel, exposing the metal to rusting.

Cladding coatings have several systems are have years of experience restoring the cladding back to it’s former glory. With a 10 year guarantee with our services, we can re-coat your cladding and make shine once again.

Here are some examples of cladding failures:

Aquinas-College-Cladding-2 Metal Cladding Failure Aquinas College Wooden Cladding Repair Chief Productions Manchester Before onsite spraying On-site Spraying Media City, Manchester


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