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Colour Matching for Business Premises

When you are considering the exterior finish of your business it is of paramount importance to have a professional, clean finish to your premises to attract customers. Here at Cladding Coatings we understand this and offer a range of services that ensure your business premises looks inviting and portrays the image you desire for your business.

We know from experience that sometimes certain areas of your office or warehouse exterior can start to look tired and in need of a lick of paint – but in many cases this isn’t the entire building.  It is usual that certain areas, that are more exposed to the elements or passing traffic, will require more tender loving care than others.

Property owners can be reticent to repair or refurbish part of their building as they fear this may look unsightly next to other areas of their building that haven’t needed repairing but will look different to the repaired areas. I’m sure you know exactly what we mean.

If you have this reluctance but are struggling to budget for the cost of a full building refurbishment project then Cladding Coatings can help.

The Cladding Coatings team will visit your site and discuss with you the areas requiring repair and refurbishment.  We will complete a full survey of your premises and review the other areas of your building to check with you that they are as you suspect in good condition.

With your agreement we will complete the refurbishment project and carry out any necessary cleaning of your buildings exterior fascias. Once complete we will be able to colour match your building to ensure the new paint systems applied match the existing colour schemes that are already in place.

We do this by making some on site samples. Similarly to when re-decorating your home this involves applying a coat to a small area on the building, allowing you to see exactly what the colours will look like and how they appear on the actual material.  By applying this coat next to the existing paint systems we can ensure a 100% match is achieved.

This usually forms part of our Digital Visualisation and Samples service, completely free of charge, and for complete renovation projects includes digital mock ups and on site samples. This allows our customers to visualise their finished building before committing to a colour scheme.  This is an important stage of our brand development work as it allows the customer to see the colours in the environment they will be in and how they are affected by the light and surrounding area and buildings.

We have found this service invaluable to our customers when colour matching an existing scheme and ensuring their property looks complete and perfectly refurbished even if only part of the building required work.

Take a look at some of the digital mock up’s and on site samples we have already carried out for our customers here.

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