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Cut Edge Corrosion Causes and Care

Cut edge corrosion is one of the most common and prominent problems that clad buildings have to face. Nearly all industrial units have been victims of some form of cut edge corrosion during their lifetime, due to neglect in building maintenance. Cut edge corrosion occurs to the metal sheets where they overlap; it describes the breakdown of the cut edge on metal cladding sheets on the walls or roofs. Just like most forms of building deterioration, cut edge corrosion is caused by ageing and, primarily, weathering. However, the cut edge corrosion process is sped up by errors in manufacturing and installation. During the building phase, if the sheets are not coated and sealed sufficiently this will leave them significantly more vulnerable to corrosion. Exposed sheets are open to the elements, which is when weathering and ageing occurs and eats away at the metal sheets, leaving them rusty, unprotected and a safety hazard!

Parcelforce Aberdeen Sheet Corrosion Damage

Sadly, in many cases, cut edge corrosion goes unnoticed or is neglected, which only causes the problem to worsen. At first, this will just be an unsightly appearance issue; however, when left untreated, it will severely damage the structure and stability of the building. From here, the condition of the cladding will deteriorate rapidly, which will affect not only the structure and safety of the building but also negatively impact the value of the building and increase maintenance and repair costs dramatically.

Once the corrosion has been identified, it is important to cure the damage as quickly as possible due to the quick deterioration levels. Cut edge corrosion treatment is a simple but effective solution to prevent and repair the corrosion on the metal sheets. Cladding Coatings offer professional cut edge corrosion treatments that will transform, renovate and reprotect the cladding, covering the currently corroded areas and sealing them so further deterioration does not occur.

Here at Cladding Coatings, we are proud to be approved Tor Partners, which allows us to use the industry-leading Tor Elastaseal™ system to rectify the corrosion damage. Tor Elastaseal™ Fibretex is applied by brush, and is safe and easy to install, suitable for most walls and roof types, and is long lasting. Once the topcoat is applied it can blend in with the surrounding roof area. A fibre reinforcement tape is used as part of the system, giving extra strength and protection. This process seals and repairs the corrosion on the metal sheets and can be used on the entire facade.

Our specialist cut edge corrosion team are highly skilled and have had many years’ experience with Tor Elastaseal™, repairing and treating the damage caused by cut edge corrosion and subsequent weather damage. Call us today for your free site visit and no obligation quote, and cure that corrosion. Contact us


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