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Doors and Window Refurbishment

Doors and windows are a very common feature of a building that often get neglected during the maintenance of a unit – however, they are vitally important. Most tenants will focus on the walls and roofs of the building and often ignore the fact that their doors and windows are also failing.

The entrances of your unit are the gateway to your building, they are often the first and last thing staff and customers will see, so make sure they look great in order to leave a positive lasting impression! Just like with roofs and walls, they are common victims of corrosion and weathering – which can damage and fade paint.

Automatic doors are also prone to paint peeling and cracking due to the constant motion. Leaving these doors untreated not only looks unsightly but can even cause functional issues. The mismatch of a newly refurbished wall with unrepaired doors can look more unslightly than ever.

Our extensive, professional services can fully refurbish and maintain every area of your building including the doors and windows. Our on-site spraying services are carried out with minimal interruption to normal work process and business hours. We provide a clean, an evenly spread coating that is durable and long lasting. We have extensive experience in the coating of doors and windows, so we can prepare them in an efficient and sustainable way.

Matching any colour or branding that you require, with our trusted coating system Noxyde by Rust-Oleum. This system produces a clean, beautified finish that is highly protective against the elements.

Let us carry out a free site survey to examine your unit, providing you with a competitive quote for maintenance and repair. Get in touch with us today, to see how we can improve the appearance of your building.

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