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Dry fall, Noxyde paint systems

Rust Oleum Paint dry fall NoxydeThe Cladding Coatings Team has used the dry fall, Noxyde range of paint systems for many years. It is an excellent product range as it is a water-based, single-component paint, that we find easy to apply and gives the same protection as complicated and more expensive polyurethane systems.

A key property of the Noxyde range is that it is a dry fall product, which offers many benefits to the commercial sector where time and costs are of paramount importance but not to the detriment of a high quality and long lasting finish.

Dry fall paint is typically used in industrial and commercial settings and mainly on ceilings and interior walls of buildings like warehouses, stores and other industrial buildings. Noxyde’s dry fall paints are available in a large range including acrylic and latex which means it is suitable for many surfaces including gypsum, aluminium, steel and wood.

Dry fall paint has its name from its characteristics of fast drying which means that the droplets fall in such a way that when they land they are solid (in less than 10 feet). This characteristic means that it is very cost effective in reducing the cost of clean-up after painting either interiors or larger exterior units.

In practice means that when painting a ceiling inside a store there is no need to cover or remove all the furniture, should paint droplets fall onto the equipment or furniture they will already be dry so can simply be swept or wiped away as a dust. Similarly when spraying the exterior of a building the slightest breeze or wind can cause the paint to carry covering nearby cars and unprotected buildings. Many contractors will opt for a roller application which of course will take more time and more paint. By using the Noxyde range with its dry fall properties we do not experience these problems. When droplets land on a surface they do not stick and can simple wipe away.

The dry fall product can also be applied quickly and dries really fast when comparing to other products, which means the Cladding Coatings Team can often finish the interior and ceilings of a warehouse unit in a single night. An ideal solution if you are a business or commercial operation where closing the business for redecoration will cost you money in loss of sales.

If you need redecoration at your business premises but worry about the upheaval and downtime to your business then we hope this blog will put your mind at rest. The Cladding Coatings Team is able to provide an excellent service that will freshen and restore your buildings look whilst not affecting your day to day business operation.

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